What do breast implants feel like to the touch?

Do guys like them? Do guys like to touch them? Would my boyfriend like them if I got them? I am an A-B cup but I'd like to be a C.


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  • I am not a fan of implants at all. Most of the women who have had them get fidgety about us playing with them during sex, fearful that we might do something bad to them. In addition, they don't have the "bounce" that real boobs do and can be done badly. I have see a lot of bad bolt-ons that really makes a woman's body look like poo poo and can also lead to problems in the future such as misplacement, and shifting. In truth, there is nothing like the real thing. All they really do is add size but that is about where the benefits of bolt-ons come to an end.

    Unless your boobs are just downright gross as in shaped like bananas or worse, I recommend not to get implants. The quality of a woman is not based on the size or her boobs. You have said that you are an A-B cup but what is more important is the shape as for mentioned. If they are small yet round and firm, they are ok. If you are still bothered by your lack of boob size, I say make up for it in other areas. There is a number of things you can 'specialize' in such as a very tight belly, nice legs, firm butt and so on. Small boobs will not affect your sexual skill or performance.

    • I really like your answer, especially the advice about "specialization". I think this is the soundest thing I heard so far on the topic.

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    • Thanks so much!

    • "shaped like bananas"

      LMFAO that was funny...

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  • It all depends on yor body style I think. If your gonna do it I would have it proportionate. Now if you just gonna get them for a bf, me personally I wouldn't do that for a bf, now if I was a lady and he was my husband, or were engaged then its a worth wile alter. I like boobs because when they on their period I can titty f*** them. Because I'm big and girls don't like it in the butt. Lol. Is that good?

    • LOL too much information! I have small boobs and I can still titty f***. Why would I need implants for that? And why can't you just have sex on the period?

      He never asked me to get them

    • Its gross I hate blood. ahhh it reminds me of having sex with a vergin. but I mean bigger boobs are like a status thing if he likes that stuff ya know, like look at my chick she got some knockers. and titty f***ing it feels better with big boobs and it turns me on more personally, but not too big that's grose.

    • Lol you are a riot!

  • Boobies are magical. we don't care how big or small they are. and we always want to touch them. most strippers make a lot of money because of this little fact of life.

    honestly, breast implants are a waste of money. you should not base your dating pool on your boob size. it's just one of those stupid insecurities that society has created to make people feel bad about themselves. a woman should not feel like less of a woman for having small boobs any more than a man should for having a small or large schlong. it makes no sense.

    we as humans have a natural variety. and instead of trying to use plastic surgery to erase that gift, why not embrace it. so why don't you take you and your small boobs and go find a man who will love you for who really are as a person!. -j

  • I will tell you right now that in my personal opinion, I would much rather have a girl with a natural b cup than with a fake c or d cup. In my experiences (3 girls with real and one girl with fake) I would prefer real to fake any day. Not that the fake ones didn't LOOK good, there's no question about that, but the feeling was just not that nice. Not much movement or any of the qualities that are so great about real breasts. Long story short, in my opinion, implants take all the fun and sexiness out of breasts, even if they make them bigger.

  • They kinda feel a little firmer than normal ones, but it's nice.

    If you do get some, research your doctor carefully, because some do a better job than others.

  • They feel like plastic-y and hard but totally hot. WARNING: WHEN YOU GET BREAST IMPLANTS YOU CAN NOT BREAST FEED

    • Can you compare it to something so I have an idea?

    • No, that's not necessarily true, implants are usually put behind the breast tissue and it hardly ever intervenes with breastfeeding.

      My friend has a baby and implants, and she still breast feeds.

  • You question was asked more than a year ago, what was your final decision? And if you did do it how do they feel?

  • I have known a few girls that have implants and really do not like them. Sometimes the implants ripple, feel hard, rupture, and overall don't look as good (natural) as they thought. Sometimes the implants move during sex and it looks really weird. Also, in all reality they need to be redone every 5 to 10 yrs. Just make sure you research it a ton. The FDA website is a good resource for the realities and dangers of implants. My best advise to you is LOVE YOURSELF.

  • if you were my Girlfriend and you wanted bigger boobs , I'd totally go for it! implants in my opinion look better they look firm, they just look better.


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  • I can't speak to whether guys like breast implants, but I strongly urge you against something as drastic as surgery if the main reason you're doing it is to please a guy. If you want to get breast implants because they make you feel better about yourself and increase your self-confidence, then by all means go ahead and get them. But if you're getting them to please your guy, then I'd urge you to reconsider.

    I know nothing about your relationship with your boyfriend, but I do know that most relationships eventually end. And if you were not with your boyfriend, would you still want to have implants? If so, then go ahead and get them. If not, well, even if you broke up, you'd still have that silicone under your skin, and you should keep that in mind.

    • Its saline now, not silicone

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    • To the asker: I refuse to dignify that ridiculously juvenile question with an answer. The nerve, honestly.

      And thank you to ajbrown8 and springdragonfly for backing me up on this.

    • She's really just pissed because you said you aren't in need of such surgey inferring the your breasts are naturally large and because she's insecure and competitive with women she thinks 're rubbing her nose in it so she went trolling for sh*t on your profile to trash you. Silly girl!

  • Eh, your boyfriend should just like your breasts the way they are. I personally think that implants are for people who aren't comfortable with their natural selves. It's really up to you if you want implants. Just think of it, they're a big waste of money. And implants are fake, and I don't think guys would like the fake things, they like the real deal 8D

    • Think of all the lingerie and sex toys and gym membership I could buy instead of implants. Good point.

    • Hehe, I hope that helped.

    • Yup. Good job!

  • It depends on how much fat you have in your natural breasts. The more boobage you already had the better they will feel ( and Look). Also Silicone feels better than saline- saline feels a little like a water balloon but they can still feel good to the touch if done correctly. I have a lot of stripper girlfriends with implants and we have felt each other up to see what they felt like!

    Don't change your body for anyone but you, especially not a guy. Guys are known to be fickle anyway. Look at all the breast implant backlash. Before they were so accessible- Lots of guys

    lusted after big boobs.now that woman can get them if they want, men suddenly don't like them or become snobs like "oh now they have to be "real" or natural or whatever" Like if you got implants you're somehow damaged goods now . (A male doctor came up with the whole breast implant technique BTW) I personally think, if you are not noticeably lopsided or had a mastectomy or deformed in anyway- you shouldnt do it especially if you care so much about what guys think because they will turn on you and try and make you feel bad for having them.

  • Have you seen mean girls. The mother and her boob job. Tough as rocks jks

    DON'T DO IT!

    so many things could go wrong and if it were to break that would be so embarrassing

    there is nothing wrong with small boobs

    be glad for what you do have!