What do breast implants feel like to the touch?

Do guys like them? Do guys like to touch them? Would my boyfriend like them if I got them? I am an A-B cup but I'd like to be a C.

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  • I am not a fan of implants at all. Most of the women who have had them get fidgety about us playing with them during sex, fearful that we might do something bad to them. In addition, they don't have the "bounce" that real boobs do and can be done badly. I have see a lot of bad bolt-ons that really makes a woman's body look like poo poo and can also lead to problems in the future such as misplacement, and shifting. In truth, there is nothing like the real thing. All they really do is add size but that is about where the benefits of bolt-ons come to an end.

    Unless your boobs are just downright gross as in shaped like bananas or worse, I recommend not to get implants. The quality of a woman is not based on the size or her boobs. You have said that you are an A-B cup but what is more important is the shape as for mentioned. If they are small yet round and firm, they are ok. If you are still bothered by your lack of boob size, I say make up for it in other areas. There is a number of things you can 'specialize' in such as a very tight belly, nice legs, firm butt and so on. Small boobs will not affect your sexual skill or performance.

    • I really like your answer, especially the advice about "specialization". I think this is the soundest thing I heard so far on the topic.

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    • Thanks so much!

    • "shaped like bananas"

      LMFAO that was funny...