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What is the freakiest thing I can tell my boyfriend?

OK , So my boyfriends says I'm too innocent, (which is a lie!)...but that is besides the point. I need everyone's help, if you all may. What is the... Show More

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  • Comes down to three types of things to say:How turned on you are."Hurry home because I'm so wet thinking about you!"What you are going to do to him."I've got a new position I'm going to put you in tonight. Involves you tied down and pleasing me until I'm 110% satisfied!" link & link What you want him to do to you."I'm wearing the shortest skirt I could find! Can't wait for you to get home, bend me over the kitchen table, sink your d**k DEEP in my p**sy, and make me moan!"

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  • Have you had sex with him yet? The term "innocence" is usually linked with whether you're a virgin or not.

    • Yea we've had sex...i was in a previous relationship where my ex only liked one position and it was boring but anywho, I won't lie ... I am not up there with sex. I'm actually learning more with my current boyfriend, which is why I just want to say something freaky sexy out of no where lol

    • Well saying something won't change much, but doing something will. Try out some new sex positions. Watch some porn with him and get ideas.

What Girls Said 2

  • imagine yourself with him. let yourself get in the mood. tell him what you would do to him...

  • hahah the freakiest thing I ever told a guy was i was sitting in the bath tub and wanted him so badlythat I would do anything to get him over there and he could do what he wants with me

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