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Why can't my husband stay hard?

We are trying for a baby, but just recently, and it doesn't happen every time, my husband can't seem to remain hard. It starts off OK, then...well... Show More

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  • Is he overweight and out of shape? Is he diabetic? He could have erectile dysfunction and doesn't know it.

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  • It might be possible that the foreplay lasts TOO long, I definitely not saying to drop it all together, but you could try shortening it a bit just to experiment and see if that improves anything.

  • Any number of physical or mental reasons: stress at work, financial pressures, lack of exercise, poor diet, hormone changes, heart problems, blood pressure problems, etc. It happens to everyone from time to time.

    If he is eating right, exercising, not stressed about anything and it continues, he should see a doctor.

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