How many guys really want a girl to put a finger up their you a**?

I've read many a sex article in women's magazines (e.g. cosmo, glamour) about ways to keep things hot and turn on your guy in the bedroom, which mention playing with his butthole.

Now, I know the articles in these magazines should be taken with a grain of salt. However, I've read this so many times, I have to ask... are there guys out there that actually do like this/want this? Seems to me guys freak out about having a chick go anywhere near that, but supposedly it is pleasurable. I have seen a few pornos in which girls licked or fingered a guy's butt hole.

I mean, chicks have butt sex and like it (I know some don't, but I do and I know there are many others that do). Guys are probably even better equipped to enjoy butt play since guys have a prostate and women don't... so, guys...yes, no, never, maybe, ick, what?


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  • My ex let me try it after I asked him for months to let me finger him. It was just the once, he didn't seem to like it, and he never let me again (though I did try!). We have hooked up since we've broken up (over a long weekend), and he admitted that he really liked it when I did it months back, and asked me to do it again. This time, he was so much more receptive and went absolutely wild when my finger was up there, especially when I did it while giving him head.

    And ps, I'm so sick of guys being homophobic about anal play. Yes, I know you aren't gay. I just was unaware that having a finger up your a** made you gay.

    • That is a common attitude among men least in "public"...................?

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  • Guys are better equipped indeed: link

    Wikipedia: link

    Think about the taint if the anus idea is too gross.

  • I hate having a prostate exam done on me. I can't imagine it feeling any different than for you to put a surgical glove on and stick your finger up my ass. So, my answer is, NO.

  • You have really answered your own question and are obviously a bright girl.

    You can divide men into two groups. Those that think the anus is for one purpose only and any interest signals a homosexual. Then there are those that actually enjoy the sensation of having something inserted gently into their anus. I do not know the percentages but I have heard that some 40% of men are interested in this sort of thing either receiving or giving. It has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality so no worries there.

    Some men, leading on from anal play, enjoy having enemas. They like the feeling of the rubber tube in their anus and the flow of warm water in their colon. They also like the feeling of cramp that will occur when full and the fading away of the discomfort when they relax. In these men, an enema will prompt an erection and if the tube is gently stroked in and out a little bit, an orgasm can result. This orgasm is in the anal canal and not caused by the prostate. As far as the prostate is concerned, it can lead to an orgasm if it is massaged by the proper device.

    Women, too can enjoy the same procedures but without a prostate their pleasure can come from their G Spot which is located as a small area inside the vagina and to the front and which can be stimulated through the rectum. They can also enjoy anal orgasms via enemas or other means.

    There are many web sites that answer questions on the sexual sensitivity of the anus but there are also opinions and information given by people who have done no research and have just jumped to conclusions as to the statistics of the subject. My impression is that there are no reliable figures on who likes what as the subject has been taboo for so long and medical researchers have tended to turn their backs on such matters for fear of being unprofessional. It is quite clear, however, that doctors recognise that pleasant sensations can be experienced during anal/rectal examination and that is why, if they digitally examine the prostate, anus or rectum, they make sure that they do it very roughly in order to ensure as much pain as possible. The same applies to vaginal examinations. It is hard to understand this brand of cruelty as body massage is supposed to be pleasant and relaxing so why cannot a medical examination in the anus, rectum or vagina be allowed to cause a fleeting moment of pleasure in some recipients while the doctor carries out his/her professional duty.

    I once asked a doctor his opinion on colonic irrigation and he said that people have colonics because they enjoy them. He then said with a shrug that there was nothing wrong with this if it is enjoyed, then enjoy it.

  • i'm not 100% sure myself, I suppose its 1 of thoes things I'd be willing to try once, and either it'd be nice or it'd suck.

  • If you ask me I am gonna say know. But, no pun intended, if a girl tried it I suppose I might like it. I think we would have to have had sex for a while and be in a good relationship. It would freak me out a little to be honest. I mean being penetrated in the vagina by something Is hardwired into the female brain as something they desire, at least from certain guys, so its not that different to get a penis in the mouth or the butt I suppose, some girls don't like those but quite a few do. Guys have not association of getting penetrated being natural or pleasurable in any way. We want to stick our thing in things, because it feels lonely and tired of holding itself up I suppose.

  • I had a girl do it to me before and I fell in love with her.

  • I have written to you about this before and wanted to give you an answer away from the homophobia, that exists here and elswhere regarding anal sex play, ie licking, fingering, etc. I wanted to send you a private message on your profile but see that you are anonymous and I cannot write to you.

    If you feel motivated, please write me a "message' to my email address, and I will try to answer you in a straightforward way without all of the backlash from the homophobs that have replied to you here...and have given me some "feedback"

    "'Thats the kind of everything goes view that's gonna lead to a future full of trannies!" - 25 minutes ago

    Much of the advice you got here is based on nothing but "editorial, uninformed opinion"

    This is not Greece in the third century before Christ...

    The girls I have known and loved and enjoyed have really loved a tongue in THEIR rectum as well as their other orifices...Some liked it as much as on their clitoris.

  • What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander...If he doesn't want his Girlfriend putting her finger up his butt, I'm guessing he thinks it's homosexual or something...Good God, I bet most guys are interested in your butt though ?

    • Thats the kind of everything goes view that's gonna lead to a future full of trannies!

  • Don't touch me there!

  • Inserting the finger up and to the front of the guys body you will reach a walnut shaped impression inside. That is the prostate and you can massage you to make a guy have an orgasm 400% the amount even a woman experiences lol. It feels weird, but it's REALLY enjoyable.

  • I'd like to be the guy who doesn't squirm at such things, and girls who are into it should finger to their heart's content.

    • You are not the only one. ANd if you think of it it is about aws intimate as a man can be with a woman.

  • ehh that's a hard one.. never had anything near my butthole and the thought of it freaks the crap outta me (no pun intended) I know a few guys that have and enjoyed it very much. But as for me I probably wouldn't take my chances..

  • I am a straight married man and I am crazy about having my anus fingered and licked. I always have been. It's my favorite fantasy and my favorite sex act (well, tied with giving my wife cunnilingus). She and I are working toward her using dildos on me, and a strap-on. Sex toys weird her out but she's slowly coming around. Luckily, in the meantime, she goes down on me as I face down on the bed, ass up and legs spread so she can "attack' me from behind. It is totally awesome and I couldn't live without it.
    straightmaleanalerotic. tumblr. com

    • oh my god, I think I love you? Thats the type of partner I want or at least someone willing to try new things - my boyfriend (currently on a break) doesn't even think about giving me anal.
      Although I did meet a guy a couple nights ago who was open t it and he didn't mind it as much, we didn't get round to having sex *very disappointing, he made me very very wet* but we're arranging a tie to get together, I think Ill be experimenting more with anal play with him and hopefully if my boyfriend and I get back together ill be able to talk to him about it

  • I have had a few women do it without asking and I have to admit it was enjoyable. Just a finger. I wouldn't want it all the time though. Its an enjoyable and different experience, but I wouldn't say it feels better then a BJ. It supplements a sexual experience nicely from time to time.

    I even had a girlfriend buy me an aneros prostate toy, because I've never had direct prostate stimulation. It's still sitting in its package a year and a half later.

    I think most men are weary of it for multiple reasons. The first is that its penetrative, something that is culturally unmasculine. The second is the obvious homosexual tendencies fear.

    I also don't have too many long term relationships and I have an unreasonable fear that a women that I break up with might go around telling everyone I like it in the bum. :-) Silly, I know-but it is a fear.

  • WTF... ahhh? NEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV! scetchbag

  • If anythings going up my butt, it will be for a prostate exam, and I'm hoping I never have to take that damn thing.

    • Why does it freak guys out so much, but they'll go up a girl's butt?

    • I wouldn't do anal on a girl either.

    • Classy answer dude ;D

  • I would absolutely love it but have yet to find a girl who is comfortable with that area. It is difficult enough finding a girl who will let me play with their butts (fingering and licking) but almost impossible to find a girl who will do anything to me in that area.

  • WTF kinda guys do you date? Bunch of homos if you ask me.

  • A finger is all we can ask for? What if we wanted something more... they make toys specially designed for this, after all... ;)

  • Its all good and fun in a good relationship :)

  • Nope, because its unheard of for a guy to do that

    • Why? Nobody answers why, and I guess I don't get why some guys love the idea of going up a girl's butt, but not having a girl go up their butt?

    • Its not masculine and its embarassing. If we did it we wouldn't feel like men. Straight answer right there

  • lmao...

    HELL NOOO...

    there are always gonna be people who like weird sh*t, but not I said the rooster...

  • I'll choose 'ick' as my answer, lol - honestly we never tried it and I'm not prone to the idea unless she asked, in such cases why not give it a shot?

  • I haven't tried yet but I'm curious. Who knows?

  • I don't want anything going near my ass

    • Why - why are guys so afraid of it?

  • if its gay to do anal play then must be gay playin with your d*** as well

  • i watched road trip when it first came out and it refrenced a finger up da ass to make him cum...i eventually tried it and liked married with children have my wife play with it wenever she wants...she actuallly wants to strap-on me...i don't kno about that but f*** it I'll try it...i think its a guarentee that once you try it your gonna like it...u tried stroking your own d*** before and liked it why not get some lotion and stick a finger up your ass while leads to a great orgasam but you cumm fast..powerful though think I might of broke a world record with how far my come went

  • Love it, love it, love it! I keep my balls and ass hole shaved, and stay clean. So I guess it is a natural invitation. I have had some wonderful sensual woman lick, suck and finger f*** my ass hole to make me come so hard I saw stars. Love tongue in there as she jacks d***...or a finger in there as she sucks me off. What a cum! Of course, you just shove a finger in with no warning. Take it slow. Like one woman said below, tongue his balls, and go a bit lower. Then a bit lower. Let him say yes or no. Although my tongue and fingers are always up my girl friend's asshole way more than she is up mine, I still love it every time we get around to it. Guys -- SHAVE YOUR DAM PRIVATES. We expect women to keep it clean down there. Why not us too? (U need a litle baby powder to help balls slide around -- no one needs bat wing. But that just adds to the clean feeling.) It has helped my sex life a lot!

  • I've actually heard that a lot of guys like that. But it's def not a spur of the moment thing to do during sex. I'm sure he has to hint at it. DONT TEST THE WATERS. Lol

    • LOL, it would be terrifying without prior warning. You'd think you had mice or something.

    • Lmfao! hey there's KarKingJack again! damn your on every post!- Almost lol :) that is funny as hell!

    • !!!!! lol

  • Not a finger or my baby licking it but I love anal toys

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  • actually out of all the boys... only ONE asked ”put it in” when he came from oral

  • guys love it! trust me that's where there "g-spot" is located (: my boyfriend loves when I finger it with a little lube during sex, and when I lick it (I know sounds gross but its not) he moans and loves it, so yes they like it. TRY IT !

    • My Girlfriend can almost orgasm with my tongue in her rectum and a finger on her clitoris

  • There is a g spot up a guys butt..! COURSE THEY WANT IT!.. some do anyway.. no-one I know personally but some do..

    • Oh, Mary, what a cute response!

      ...and yes, many of us do... ;)

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    • Not me... Mine is a one way hole.. Hahahaha

    • "rectum" hhahahaha

  • My husband likes it, and I like to please him. I see nothing wrong with it and 9/10 of my guy friends will tel me they want their ass to be played with or have and liked it.

  • I am answering on my wife's account. There is nothing homosexual about experimenting in the bedroom. I haven't had the opportunity to receive any anal as my wife's nails are very long. I'd say yes to her doing oral or using her fingers in that area if she was comfortable with it. The only part I'd find uncomfortable is that I have a hairy crack and it's hard to shave and also I'd want to make sure the area is very clean beforehand.

  • one thing to say. if a guy likes his butt hole being played with at any point he mine as well be gay!.

    • I think that's such a ridiculous attitude. Being gay has to do with being attracted to men, not specifically that you like your butthole stimulated. Using your logic, then every girl who likes butt sex with a guy and every guy who likes butt sex with a girl is gay because they like butt hole play.

    • Agree "Question Asker"............homosexuality has absolutely nothing to do with this issue......this attitude usually exists with homophobic men.............not sure why this young lady has this opinion.......Anytime a girls wants to perform fellatio on me and put lher finger in my butt, ..........I will supply the AstroGlide for her.......................BAP

  • I don't think my boyfriend would find that arousing at all .

  • I love how a lot of guys pull the "homo" card. If getting a finger up your butt is homo, so is sticking it in a butt. Just my opinion.On to my answer!

    My boyfriend likes it occassionally. I'll admit, the first time I had to get him a little drunk. I made sure I had no nails to speak of and plenty of lube. Whether it was emasculating to him or not, I don't know, but I know I got a kinky sense of accomplishment when I gave him a prostate only orgasm. I felt a little dominating, and it kind of felt good :) We don't make it an every day practice, but every now and again when we're feeling kinky, we do.

  • I asked my guy about this cause I thought it would be something new and fun for him and he totally flipped out, he's like if you evern go near it were done!

  • i would not like to stick my finger up a guys ass. Just, no.

  • Hmm never heard of that one before and I probably wouldn't do it if he asked!

  • Well I'm a try anything once type of woman, I love anal play defiantly when it comes to me I love being pent rated and having my ass licked. I'm n a relationship currently n he has no problem pleasing me in that area. Now, I have once Givin a drunken n very erotic rI'm job to him, in which I was extremely turned on n I think the fact that it made me Soooooo wet turned him on but not really sure how it made him feel. I've never looked at him any different than I had b4, shit we both have some freaky sides to us that's the way I look at it but as far as fingerings him goes? (IDK) I'm skeptical bease he wasn't really responsive the one time around but it has crossed my mind a time or two...

  • LOL that's just weird. but if youve been with a guy long enuff, youd be surprised with what kind of things they wanna try to spice things up

  • I really want to try it with my guy but, I don't know how to bring it up.

  • My boyfriend has asked me to do that so I put a condom on 2 fingers, put lube on them and fingered him, and he likes it,hes told me he's even put stuff up there himself before.

  • Men aren't supposed to be penetrated, that's gross. ):

  • lol funny.

  • it took me foooorrrevvverr to get my boyfriend to let me explore his unkown lol. till one day I just was sucking his balls while jackin him off and went lower and lower hehe and finally I got permission and he loved me licking it, I tried to finger it real gently and slowly but he didn't like it as much, I wish he'd let me play with it more! it makes me so mad how guys have to tell each other its gay, if my boyfriend would let me milk him id have an orgasm just hearin him moan. Period.

    • You go girl..............let him tongue your butt too, you will love it, if you don't already

    • Yeah i did that with my boyfriend too he said licking it was amazing so im gonna try running my fingers down there and playing a bit. Nut he does tend to be very defensive when it comes to anything perceived as remotely 'homo' like when we spoke about threesomes he said he'd only ever want one with another girl bc he wouldn't want a guy touching/kissing him
      Bu meh we'll see

  • loool I was wondering the same thing as you, I have heard stories how guys like it etc, and whenever I have sex with my boyfriend I think of it, you he's on top and I satart thinking I could make my finger travel its way down there and see what happens, but I'm soooo afraid of that what happens next that I've never tried it!:PPP and I guess I shouldn't by the guys" answers!:P

    • You were just with the wrong man / guy. This part of "play' makes sex a lot hotter and not boriing. Good Hygene is a MUST

  • I've done it to a number of guys and I can honestly say I've not had one yet that hasn't enjoyed the experience. I had one guy, bless him, ask me if he was gay afterward because really enjoyed but had never had it done before. Personally I find it a massive turn on to do it, but I generally combine either with a hand job or oral first just to ease them into it. Usually once they've gotten over that whole mental block and realized how enjoyable it is there's no going back!

    The trick is go easy, plenty of lube and don't usually go any further than your knuckle. If they want extra fingers they'll ask.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. From what I hear, men that flip out at the idea. seem to feel that it is some kind of homosexual thing. Nonsense. You have it right/