How many guys really want a girl to put a finger up their you a**?

I've read many a sex article in women's magazines (e.g. cosmo, glamour) about ways to keep things hot and turn on your guy in the bedroom, which mention playing with his butthole.

Now, I know the articles in these magazines should be taken with a grain of salt. However, I've read this so many times, I have to ask... are there guys out there that actually do like this/want this? Seems to me guys freak out about having a chick go anywhere near that, but supposedly it is pleasurable. I have seen a few pornos in which girls licked or fingered a guy's butt hole.

I mean, chicks have butt sex and like it (I know some don't, but I do and I know there are many others that do). Guys are probably even better equipped to enjoy butt play since guys have a prostate and women don't... so, guys...yes, no, never, maybe, ick, what?


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  • My ex let me try it after I asked him for months to let me finger him. It was just the once, he didn't seem to like it, and he never let me again (though I did try!). We have hooked up since we've broken up (over a long weekend), and he admitted that he really liked it when I did it months back, and asked me to do it again. This time, he was so much more receptive and went absolutely wild when my finger was up there, especially when I did it while giving him head.

    And ps, I'm so sick of guys being homophobic about anal play. Yes, I know you aren't gay. I just was unaware that having a finger up your a** made you gay.

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      That is a common attitude among men least in "public"...................?