Do naturally skinny girls have smaller breasts (flat chest)?

I am 17 and at a healthy weight and my breasts are a B. Two of my best friends are underweight and both their breasts are A, so they look like they have flat chests. One of them is 17 and the other is 19. I was wondering if this is common..


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  • Breast are fatty tissue. So usually the more weight you have on you, the more you will carry in your breasts. But what that means is if you gain weight you will gain weight in your breasts also. But you may not gain so much weight that they become huge. How big your breasts can get depends on your genes. So lets say one of your friends has ancestors with large breasts. When she is underweight, she may have no breasts because she has no fat anywhere. But if she starts gaining weight, her breasts are going to get bigger and bigger. Because she has ancestors with larger breasts, they can get pretty big. Now if your other friend has smaller breasted ancestors the more weight she puts on, the bigger her breasts will get but she might top off at like a B cup. She may get bigger boobs but she doesn't necessarily have to have large breasts even if she gets overweight. She may still stay smaller but it will just be bigger than normal.

    Before plastic surgery became so common it was pretty much a given that if you wanted a girl with a really big rack, you needed to get a heavier girl. Occasionally thinner girls had big boobs but that wasn't always the case.

    If a woman is super thin with a large chest, she has probably had plastic surgery. I didn't realize until Angelina Jolie dropped all this weight recently that she had breast implants because now she still has about a C cup and is very thin. That's pretty impossible because breasts are just fatty tissue and when you loose fat huge amounts of fat, you will loose it everywhere.