How often do girls maturbate?

don't want to be perverted or anything but I was wondering


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  • As much as I feel like. I don't feel ashamed about masturbating and see no reason to hold back or restrain myself. Men are socially allowed the freedom to masturbate, and I don't see why any social restrictions should be placed on women for doing the same thing.

    • I agree with you. Girls have every right to masturbate as much as they want. For too long they have suffered under a ridiculous double standard on this subject - but some of them still feel guilty.

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  • All. The. Time.

    • Good for you, Stella. Girls especially need to masturbate to learn what pleases them, which information they can pass on to their partner. What especially pleases you? You can send me a private message if you don't want to discuss it in public.

  • well speaking for myself and most of my girlfriends, just as much and as often as guys do and if not a little more, we have multiple orgasms on our side with no breaks necessary! don't be fooled by the common misconception that women don't do it. we just don't talk about it as openly as men do which in my a shame!

    • That's true.. guys sometimes say they do even though they didn't; because for guys, jerking off is sort of an expression of masculinity.. it's like.. RAWR I'm so manly, I just beat one off!

      I could understand that girls don't have that sort of positive social pressure that motivates them to do that or brag about it, show it off, exaggerate, etc.

      but why would it be "a shame"? what's there to be ashamed about? logically? I don't see it. where's the negative in it?

    • I mean that it is a shame women feel they can't be as open and as expressive when it comes to sexual fulfillment as men can. I definitely don't think its anything to be ashamed of.. I'm saying the exact opposite. I think women in general need to feel that sexual liberation doesn't make you a slut and masturbation is a really healthy way for women to become masters of their own sexuality

    • I agree with that last comment - masturbation will help women become masters of their own sexuality as they learn exactly what turns them on the most and how different parts of their bodies react. Yet there are still a lot of girls who have this guilt about pleasuring themselves.

  • Every two days or so. I actually find if I do it every day I get bored of it, unless I'm sexually frustrated.

  • I enjoy masturbating. It feels good and I do it before going to sleep. It's a quiet time with just me and myself.

  • Idk less often than guys

  • i do it like 2 or 3 times a day I have found ways to do it secretly even if there are people around but if I have sex that day I maybe only do it once. I do sit around the house all day tho so I get bored and that is something to do.

  • 2 times a day for my self.


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