How can I arouse my boyfriend in a few seconds?

where exactly do I touch him, what do I say?


Most Helpful Guy

  • In a few seconds?

    At that speed, you going to have to take things in hand, as it were. Grab his piece, and whisper nasty things in his ear. If he is breathing, healthy and heterosexual, he'll be aroused.

    If you really want to mess around with him, get into sexual positions (with your clothes on). Since men always have sex on the brain anyway, you'll be "tripping his switches", if you know what I mean.

    For instance, pretend you need to kneel down in a catcher's squat, and then coyly say to your BF: "By the way, while I'm down here, do you need me to..."

    Yeah, if he doesn't take you up on this, he's gay.