How can I arouse my boyfriend in a few seconds?

where exactly do I touch him, what do I say?


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  • In a few seconds?

    At that speed, you going to have to take things in hand, as it were. Grab his piece, and whisper nasty things in his ear. If he is breathing, healthy and heterosexual, he'll be aroused.

    If you really want to mess around with him, get into sexual positions (with your clothes on). Since men always have sex on the brain anyway, you'll be "tripping his switches", if you know what I mean.

    For instance, pretend you need to kneel down in a catcher's squat, and then coyly say to your BF: "By the way, while I'm down here, do you need me to..."

    Yeah, if he doesn't take you up on this, he's gay.


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  • where ? neck, lips, shoulders, nipples, crotch, butt . Not that different from you

  • "where exactly do I touch him?" you ask, to arouse him in a few seconds?

    You don't.

    You touch yourself. And make sure he sees it.

    • OK - that's just brilliant - I am soooo trying that! Thanks for telling us chicks that one!


      wow... you are my hero

  • If you have to ask, it is beyond your powers.

  • you don't say anything.

    just aggressively strip his pants, and suck him so hard, like you are going to rip it off (no teeth though! ) ;)

    he'll talk Chinese in 10 secs...

  • Depends, I love a women who has either painted or french tips, or black nail polish... What a turn on! if my Girlfriend has this I am turned on all the time, am a hands and foot person... Depends all guys are different..


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  • Works with my guy EVERY time at ANY place. Just lean over with a serious look on you face and say, "I need to be f***ed right now."

    Boom - insta wood!

    Particularly good when done during dinner or while watching TV - when he won't expect it.

  • may take a bit longer than a few seconds but touching the tip of a guy willy through their trousers can sometime work.

    • I just want an instant reaction. To surprise him and get him hot fast. Lol.

  • ahaha. guys are all different and have different places that will turn them on quicker. BUT, if you are just laying down with your boyfriend and you are both fully clothed, if you just give him a kiss on his private part, through his jeans..I'm sure that will turn him on. Like, go down there and kiss that spot and then just look up at him, or go back and lay with him and be a tease.

  • if you want to surprise him in a hot way, put something super sexy on