Why do girls have to cover up their breasts?

OK I'm 16 and have thought through this a lot but never found an answer. why do girls always cover there breasts,boobs or what ever you prefer to call them when guys have them to. I know girls breast feed but its been proven guys can to so I don't see the big deal there. the only difference I see is that for girls there breasts grow out away from the body as they get older but they are still the same as guys.

cn someone please help answer this


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  • Women don't show their breasts because breasts are usually used in sexual foreplay. In our culture we pride ourselves on "equality" and "women's rights." If I walked around topless without a shirt at the company luncheon-do you think my colleagues would look at me the same way? Probably not.

    The women in national geographic don't hold the social same status as Western women can hold. They usually are subservient to the men and are just there to reproduce and be a man's companion. A lot of those tribes on national geographic have more than one wife at a time.

    In short; if man and women are going to have "equal rights" a woman cannot be looked upon as solely a sexual objects. With her breasts jiggling around- a man is always going to sexualize them even if they deny it. Men's breasts are not used as sexual objects (maybe the nipple, but not the actual breast) Women's are. That's why

    • Cool-Relax , women weren't expected to cover up in Classic Greece or Rome or during the Middle Ages or during Renaissance. Covering up started during the 18th century , became 'normal' during the Victorian period.

    • a woman's neck and shoulders too are used in sexual oreplay.

      A man is always going to sexualize breasts because he's NOT used to seeing them. On a naturist beach men don't look any more at breasts than they look at belly buttons. In Afghanistan, hair isn't shown, thus it becomes sexual to show it. During the 19th century, ankles and legs weren't shown, thus an ankle or a leg would be sexual.

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  • It is not ok to leave them to be exposed in western, middle Eastern or Asian society, because boobs are only allowed to be seen in copulation sessions. In tribal africa, its a whole different story and people aren't caught up with a pair of boobs, its just part of normal daily life to be half naked

  • women have to be modest

  • Who is disagreeing with these answers? It is completely cultural as the other ladies have commented.

    • People disagreeing are those girls who hide there boobs and think its wrong to show off your sexuality even if that in your culture its not taboo.

  • Like jtj25m said women aren't going to get really aroused by seeing a guys chest. Society has made us believe that a woman's breast are to be looked as purely as a food source for babies, there fore desirable to those who can not have them.

  • It's completely cultural.

    In some cultures women can show their breasts. As older men who grew up when porn wasn't popular found out when they got hold of National Geographic. In places like India, women wear Sari's where the top shows some of a woman's midriff but her most places consider a woman showing her midriff inappropriate. Here women can show their hair but in some cultures they have to cover it. In some cultures women have to wear burqa's where their entire body, even their eyes, are covered and can get in serious legal trouble if even their arm shows.

    It depends on how sexual the culture is and what that culture values as sexually arousing features, that determines what or how much a woman covers.

  • Those are the rules of our society. In other cultures, it's the norm for women to have their breasts uncovered. We just function differently.

    • I agree with you it was just the way people where brought up and the culture

    • The down arrors are stupid people

    • What's with the down arrows? Try picking up a book sometime; it's basic anthropology/sociology that cultures function differently.

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  • Breast is a sexual icon. Like a di*k ya know? why do you think we don't usually go walking around naked?

  • During the 17th century, only prostitutes covered their breasts at all times in England. Rich women didn't bother to hide them.

    When formula milk was invented, many middle class women stopped breastfeeding. (anyhow, for centuries, rich women used poor mothers to breastfeed their own rich kids. The Englich word 'nurse' (wet nurse) stems from the French 'nourrice' <-nourir= to feed ) Poor women didn't because it was too expensive.
    Middle class women didn't want to be associated with the poor. Thus they started hiding their breasts at all time and educating their daughters to hide them too.

    • @TheOneTurv Breasts became (over) sexualized.
      During the 19th century, women wouldn't show their legs. Female (and even piano) legs were sexual icons.

  • I've never understood this either.

    Breast alone do not grab attention from most males. If they did, porn would not consist of showing the entire upper body, or more. They would just take pictures of perfect breast, and all males would be happy.

    Just as I'm sure the majority of straight or bi females are attracted to the entire torso of a male.

    It is the entire package that gets the attention of both males and females. You can't slap on a pair of perfect breast on a 100 year old women and expect every straight or bi man to start drooling.

    I think if you are going to force people to cover their breast because a very low percent of males get turn on by breast alone, then you will have to cover feet, lips, hands, ears and any other fetish that some men have.

    Our culture actions doesn't seem to have a problem showing female breast.

    eg. link




    Clearly in our culture women are encourage to show their breast. It is the female nipples that seem to be taboo.

    The double standard will probably fade in the next few generations, just as many other things that were taboo years ago...

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  • It's pretty easy, they are considered sexual icons, just like a penis or vagina. Male pecks have not and never will be thought of in this way.

    • Female breasts became and are considered sexual icons because they're always covered. The purpose of breasts is to feed sucklings. Not to enjoy men or women.

  • I don't know your not talking about why they wear clothes right? Girls are just weird one time I was at a strip club and the girl was on stage dancing now she was topless and my friend went to go tip her and she said that he looked familiar and asked where he lived anyway she was mistaken but while she asked him if they were neighbors she actually took her hands and covered her breasts, and this is a stripper. I will never understand that as long as I live so to answer your question I don't have a clue.

    • She covered up because she wanted your friend to look at her as a person-not just a set of breasts cause she thought she knew him. What's so weird about that? Breasts are distracting, especially to men lol-so if she wanted to have a serious conversation, it makes perfect sense that she would cover her breasts

  • it is considered inappropriate to society for any sexual organs to be showing that's like asking why do people wear clothes

  • Women tend to not get an uncomfortable and obvious, sometimes embarrassing hard on when they see a mans bare chest.