Why do girls have to cover up their breasts?

OK I'm 16 and have thought through this a lot but never found an answer. why do girls always cover there breasts,boobs or what ever you prefer to call them when guys have them to. I know girls breast feed but its been proven guys can to so I don't see the big deal there. the only difference I see is that for girls there breasts grow out away from the body as they get older but they are still the same as guys.

cn someone please help answer this


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  • Women don't show their breasts because breasts are usually used in sexual foreplay. In our culture we pride ourselves on "equality" and "women's rights." If I walked around topless without a shirt at the company luncheon-do you think my colleagues would look at me the same way? Probably not.

    The women in national geographic don't hold the social same status as Western women can hold. They usually are subservient to the men and are just there to reproduce and be a man's companion. A lot of those tribes on national geographic have more than one wife at a time.

    In short; if man and women are going to have "equal rights" a woman cannot be looked upon as solely a sexual objects. With her breasts jiggling around- a man is always going to sexualize them even if they deny it. Men's breasts are not used as sexual objects (maybe the nipple, but not the actual breast) Women's are. That's why

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      Equality in our society is a fairly recent phenomenon, yet women have always been expected to cover up. In fact, as women have gained more rights, it's become acceptable for them to reveal more; in the past they weren't even allowed to wear shirts if the sleeves came above their elbows.

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      a woman's neck and shoulders too are used in sexual oreplay.

      A man is always going to sexualize breasts because he's NOT used to seeing them. On a naturist beach men don't look any more at breasts than they look at belly buttons. In Afghanistan, hair isn't shown, thus it becomes sexual to show it. During the 19th century, ankles and legs weren't shown, thus an ankle or a leg would be sexual.

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      Cool-Relax , women weren't expected to cover up in Classic Greece or Rome or during the Middle Ages or during Renaissance. Covering up started during the 18th century , became 'normal' during the Victorian period.