My boyfriend can't stay hard anymore and I don't know what to do... Need advice!

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now and this has never happened in the past. Recently when we've tried to have sex, he can't keep it hard enough to go in. The first night it happened, I told him that it was okay and I'm sure tomorrow would be a better night. We usually do... Show More

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  • Because we don't have any control over it, the anxiety over not being able to get it up can kill the mood. All it takes is one time it refuses to work for you and it can lead down that road.

    There also maybe something wrong with him. It is not unheard of some guys in their 20s not being able to get it up because of some physical problem.

    Stress is a real libido killer in men. If there is something that is stressing him out (maybe at work) it could make a huge dent into your sex life. There are many source on the internet for one to teach themselves how to relieve stress in their life.