Is being a virgin a bad thing?

OK I know it's not bad but, sometimes I feel left out or like the last one on earth because it seems everyone around has had sex. Every time I talk or go out with a girl an we talk about sex they'll usually ask me if I'm one. When I say yeah I am I feel kinda bad because they don't believe me at first. Another one of my problems is that I don't want to lose my virginity with someone that isn't a virgin. I want it to be romantic and special ya' know? Do girls choose virgins over the jock or popular guy that isn't one? last but not least how many girls my age are actually virgins? lol

Updates: being a virgin more a turn-on or turnoff to girls?


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  • I'm not a virgin just want to give you some advice. I think it is so sweet that you want to wait and not just some horny teenager trying to get laid. Don't feel bad that when a girl asks you if you are a virgin, because that is a part of who you are if they don't believe you then that is something that they have to deal with. You know your intentions and what you want as far as wanting someone who is a virgin as well. I think that girls that are like you, that want to wait, to share the experience together would ofcourse prefer a virgin over a popular guy but someone who is experienced would want someone who is the same. I would wait untill I find the special girl,I would'nt act out of hornones because you might regret it one day. There are so many girls out there wishing they knew you.

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      Thanks you just made me feel a little warm inside. =D

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      You are very welcome, I'm happy I could make you feel that way.