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For girls: how long can you stay wet for?

For girls: how long can you stay wet for? Also how long does it take you to get wet?

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  • could take anywhere from 5-15 minutes, then can stay wet as long as I keep being aroused. When I masturbate, I'll make it last up to two hours before I let myself orgasm, and I stay soaked, I usually have to mop myself up a little as I get too wet. Interestingly, I can't get that wet if I'm really dehydrated, I notice I sometimes have to drink water in the morning if my boyfriend is initiating sex, as I can't produce the liquid.

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  • it takes me sic's to get wet.. and Trust me am never dry lol JK

  • takes a matter if seconds to get wet, if I want to... and I can stay wet all night as long as things are happening...

  • As long as I am in the mood. I can. It doesn't take long at all just kissing usually does the trick.

    • What are some things to do that'll make a girl get wet really quick, right before sex. Like let's say you guys are kissing, what will make her wet really quick and amp up her horniness? Touching a certain place? Kissing her a certain place? Doing something with your hands?

  • i can stay wet all day...but I get REALLY wet when I am really horny...it depends if I am in the mood... especially with my toy...:)mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • as long as I'm turned on...anywhere from 30 mins to all day

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