I have the biggest crush on my wife's friend.

I have fell into the biggest crush with my wife's friend and its driving me crazy. I feel like a kid again with it and its dumb I know but I can't get over it. She is just so cute and funny and we get along so well. It started when she moved in with us for a few months and we became really good friends. I would consider her one of my best friends now. We hang out together and go see movies and go out to eat and everything. My wife knows about the crush because I told her and she is fine with it. She trust me and her friend and knows nothing will ever happen. Well while she was living with us the crush started happening and one day while it was just me and her at the house she went to take a shower and the bathroom door didn't latch and her cat pushed it open further. When she got out I saw her totally naked which got me pretty excited. We have had talks about if I wasn't with my wife we would be a good couple. there is a lot more to it but what am I supposed to do? If she ever wanted to sleep with me I am afraid that I wouldn't be able to pass it up.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You're having an emotional affair. Those can often lead to a sexual affair. Your wife SHOULD be very worried. An emotional affair is more dangerous than a physical affair. You clearly like this girl a lot, are spending a lot of time with her and want to go further with her. She knows you are married but is clearly enjoying the attention or she would not be spending so much time with you.

    You have to make a decision on what you are going to do. I can tell you that emotional affairs cause havoc on your life as I was in one. There is no good outcome...someone is going to get hurt. In my case, my husband never found out (we never had sex but did other things), but I am the one paying the price because I can't be with the person I want to be with. I am in an unhappy marraige and it has led me into a depression. Its great while its happening...then you realize you will never have a normal relationship with that person (i.e...go out to dinner, etc). It will all be a secret. The only way it can be a normal relationship is if you get divorced. Even then, there are no guarantees.

    I suggest you keep her as your fantasy & nothing more. Unless, you want to go down a painful path. Best of luck...I KNOW how very hard it is to resist what seems so perfect.