Do women like getting their toes sucked at time of foreplay?

Do women like getting their toes sucked at time of foreplay? Curious if ladies like this or not?

Ok clearly this seems a no go area. Cheers for the feedback

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  • Ewwww, I'm not sure someone would like that. Unless it's a personal fetish.

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  • Yes. I did. I was surprised when he did it. I was not expecting it. But it felt nice...and sweet! Would I recommend it for a guy as part of foreplay? HELLS YEAH!

  • if I get fresh out of the shower, then sure I'd be down ;)

  • honestly, I think its weird..

  • ewwwwww

  • No thank you. It would be a mood killer.

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  • It's not universally liked and I was say a smaller percentage of people out there will enjoy this.So I'd would hold back on that until you and your partner are at the level of trying new things or openly able to talk about fetishes.

  • inexperienced but will try on my girlfriend and tell you soon

    • You may want to let her know before hand, or you're not going to have a girlfriend for long.

  • Yes, they do, I don't know abt other women but my current nd formal girl friends, they all like it as much as I like suking them not only during foreplay but whenever either of us are in mood of playing this act.

  • this is funny...if any girl did this to would be a total TOTAL, deal breaker.

  • my girl would probably like it, but frankly I've turned her into a devious little thing. :D