Girls and guys: does it REALLY feel good without a condom?

because I tried it last night with out one for the first time and I thought it felt just as good with a condom. but we were in car, so it wasn't the best. but so I was wondering

girls: can you feel a difference. etc?

guys: how does it feel better etc?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Unless he is pumping away like a jackhammer the whole time, then yes, there is a difference in feeling. I can't attest that this is the same for a woman but for a man it is certainly true. The condom makes one more 'aero-dynamic'. We feel less friction against the ridge of the head. This is a factor as to why many guys claim to last longer while wearing a condom. Regardless of feel though, as several others have suggested...unless you are sure you won't catch anything and you won't get pregnant (can you ever be sure?), wear a condom. Also, why are you still having sex in a car?