How do you women feel about being a "Hot Wife" (a shared wife or girlfriend)

I am a very open minded guy and I have participated in alternative lifestyles with some of my ex-girlfriends. Particularly swinging and hot wifing. For those not in the know, a hot wife is a woman who is shared by her husband or boyfriend with other men.

I ask because in all my experiences, all of the women were very reluctant at first but after the initial shock for the most part they were very excited at the idea of having multiple sex partners with their husbands/ boyfriends consent, participating and watching.

Even in the case where there was some resistance, she eventually brought it up and even initiated.

I wonder if in a forum such as this one where everyone remains anonymous what would women answer to the question ..

If you could have multiple sex partners with your boyfriend or husbands consent and approval would you accept such an arrangement?

I look forward to your responses.


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  • I am very open minded about sexual practices and like learning why people get turned on by different things. But for me, there are certain sexual practices where you can ignore the intention of sex (to bond to people to each other) and you can turn a partner into a device for masturbation or a tool to play out your fantasies. I think it is very common. Regardless if another person is brought into the bedroom or not. But I think it says a lot about the person asking the request. Mostly, that the innate sense of jealousy, possession, and desire for having a partner, is missing. Making the person seek out only sexual gratification at the expense of the person they are with.

    So, no, it does not appeal to me because I strongly believe in monogamy. I think when another person is brought into a union that is meant to be between two people, even at the approval of both partners, I think it damages the trust and unity that is meant to be there.

    It also seems like a lot of people who get into that don't start in that relationship from the start. It turns into that after boredom or a desire to end the relationship sets in. But then there are people who do go into a relationship knowing that is how it is going to be. But either way, just cause something works, doesn't mean it is working properly. You can duct tape a broken fan belt but just cause you are getting away with that for a while it doesn't mean that isn't going to just rip apart again someday. It doesn't mean its a sign the car was meant to run that way.

    Just my opinion.


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  • I would most likely feel like a sex object being passed around from one guy to another, which doesn't interest me at all. If a guy asked me to do that for him, I would have to question his respect for both me and our relationship.

  • I would never even consider it, nor could I be with a man who would consider it. It goes against everything I believe marriage is meant to be. (Not to mention being a great way to spread diseases.) I believe in faithfulness.


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  • "I am a very open minded guy..."

    How does treating your girlfriend like a prostitute and letting other hairy-assed men shove their schlong inside her make you more open-minded than other people? You are disgusting and pathetic (even more so than the fat guido in my profile pic).

  • As a husband i am happy to let my wife have a friend or friends with benefits. I don't own her, and she deserves the freedom to explore her sexuality if she wants. In saying this she has not taken up the offer.

  • It's all good

  • I disagree. My wife and I have an incredible marriage. She is absolutely spoiled as a wife in every way. Even her friends are jealous and they tell her that. She knows she is loved in way. There is respect in our loving marriage. She is satisfied in the bedroom. When it comes to sexual fantasies, we all have them. If you say you don't your not being truthful. I know I have an incredible wife and I love showing her off. I don't want her restrained in any way including sexually. I want her to be proud of herself and how she looks. No woman can tell me they don't want that. My wife is very beautiful and she turns men's heads. My wife is very sexual and enjoys the attention. She is my Hotwife. I enjoy making love to my wife and she is very orgasmic. She cums multiple times. It does help that I am endowed and I know how to please a woman. The only jealousy I have is she is not allowed to have sex without me. She's is adamant that she will not play without me. She says she belongs to me. She says will do anything sexually that I want her to do. The great thing is that we both have very similar fantasies. Well they are no longer fantasies. Since she is my Hotwife she has sex with men I choose. She has sex only with me and my black friends. She enjoys being prim and proper by day but a total slut at night.