What does it mean if a guy puts your hand on his.....

If you kiss a girl and then move your hands around her body then put her hand on you penis {Very gently - not like forcing it}. Does this mean you want her to just experiment? Do you want a hand job? Is it a way of asking of it is OK to have sex? Would you ever do it as a reflex response, without thinking?

I am worried like that guy said - it was rude. He did it in a very gentle way, so I was not feeling physically pressured... But I would not want him to assume I'm fine for anything... We have kissed. We never had THAT interaction . Thoughts help- Thanks
Would any of you expect someone that you respected to do something that soon ? Would you even try that with someone you respected?

Why would he not be concerned with my impression ... I suppose he may not know I have never had sex... Seems forward.
What I want to know is if you guys think this is disrespectful... We spend lots of time together but he usually seems careful NOT to touch me. Maybe I gave him an impression I did not intend. It is just strange - I wonder if he thinks / feels differently?
Oh! I forgot , it was on top of his jeans - if that makes a difference...
For the guy who said it is disrespectful - I do not necessarily disagree... Does that mean you ask if you can place your hands where you wish to put them ?

Everyone, feedback would be great, as this is someone I would otherwise like. Thank You.
I know I can figure things out on my own, but I am asking for other perspectives... Do you think it is disrespectful for a guy to put your hand on his crotch if you guys had known each other for a while but had not been physical since a 9 months ago?
Ok. complicated, going to sound supremely stupid but he had just offered to have sex - because he thought I wanted it, he misinterpreted my meaning. I did not respond because I thought he was joking, so when we were kissing, he might have thought...
Someone wrote that nine months is a long time to wait... Sorry for the confusion. Went out nine months ago,for two weeks - had to travel...Then we just started kissing for the first time a couple of days ago, and other stuff... BTW -answer helped.!
SkinnerOne.Well, I don't think obsessed ... I want to make sure I do not blow the wrong things out of proportion. I have a lot of curiosity and little experience. I would rather stress out about it before hand {Pun not intended}

SkinnerOne I was not raised with a particular religion or faith... I have always believed in humanity and justice. It is very important for me to do things based on reason, and I am careful to about respect- both giving and receiving - even a HJ


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  • Went out nine months ago,for two weeks - had to travel...Then we just started kissing for the first time a couple of days ago, and other stuff...

    I've been in that boat. If you know he respects you, and he has never pressured you, that's like a primal "I miss you, I want you, do you feel that way?". He's not pressuring you- don't think. He's just expressing how he feels.

    My boyfriend (long-distance) did that to me once, after we hadn't seen each other in a while and we were making out and both feeling pretty close/sexual. We'd never done anything, really. I just kind of froze, and pulled back, and looked at him like "Seriously- dude? What the heck?" and he said all flustered "Sorry, I just- wanted you to know that I want you. Not right now, not anytime soon, whenever you want, I don't care. But I think you're so sexy, and you turn me on, and I wanted to see if you thought the same thing. So every time you wonder if you're sexy- know that you made THAT for a reason".

    But that might just be me. And the fact that my boyfriend is exceptional from every other guy I know.

    But bring it up! He's TRYING to be more open with you. Talk about it, calmly and maturely. See what's going on inside his head first.

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      Thank you.

      That s exactly what I needed someone ti say - it resonates more than anything else & I have no reason to think otherwise... "Went out nine months ago,for two weeks - had to travel... just started kissing for the first time a couple of days ago, and other stuff..."

      >>>Umm did you quote that from me, or is that you because that was exactly my situation.. Anyways thank you.

      btw Did you guys have sex that day? I was just worried he would take it the wrong way - I'm a virgin.


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      That is awesome... Ok. That is as close as anyone has come to my situation... lol Experience works so much better than just advice ... Thank you I really feel much better.

      btw, Um what did you do after he said that - I mean not exactly what you did lol... But were you more comfortable with what he said & did you us stop & talk about it or just continue?

      You may have already answered that - I'm not sure :-)


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      Oh, haha. Well, after that it was obviously a little awkward, so I kind of pulled away. But he just hugged me, and said "Well, it's true" and after turning deeply red, I said thank you and he laughed. But I just pulled back and said "But you're not getting that."

      "I know"

      "Smart boy!"

      Then just cuddling and watching a cheesy movie,lols. We always talk about EVERYTHING, even the awkward.

      But he hasn't done it since. Now I'm just comfortable with him. I feel like I'm in control, not him.