Guys, are any of your balls really ticklish?

but you really enjoy it when their getting tickled? lol.


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  • No, they are far too sensitive.

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  • Nope not at all, I live if they get rubbed but that's about all, & not too hard.

  • Well I do feel ticklish there, but they are way to sensitive. One poke from the finger feels like a knife going in.

  • They are after i have cum. If i am tied down to the bed spread-eagle, and the girl i am with strokes/sucks the cream out of my throbbing hard manhood... then she gently tickles my balls with her fingers... ever muscle in my body tightens up as i pull against the ropes with everything i have, causing my ass to lift off the bed... they are THAT TICKLISH!!!

  • No not at all. They just feel like any other part of my body. Some guys like certain things to be done to their balls specifically, but I wouldn't, there is no where near as much sensitivity in my balls as much as my D.

  • Never felt ticklish there..

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  • dcI've never been with a guy who wanted them tickled. Fondled or sucked on sure, but never tickled. I think of them more as sensitive than ticklish.

  • im a guy/girl...

    with a vagina and and balls

    and I like when my boyfriend licks them while licking my vagina/BALLS

    it really hurt because I'm in cheerleading and I have to do splits..and wear spandex..

    but I'm not ticklish..only sensitive..