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Shaving a guy's balls

Have any of you girls ever shaved a guy's balls? I had a girl do it to me once and it was a real turn on - I was hard the whole time (which actually... Show More

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  • I wouldn't let a girl shave my balls, she can trim trim the rest but the balls are sticky off limits. They take good technique and I would be petrified of having her slip up. flchichpoo confirms my fears.

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  • I have shaved a guy pretty much everywhere else except for his balls. That is an area that I just don't think I would want to help out with. I would rather leave that to the man. I am actually surprised you are so trustworthy.

  • lol yes I have done this...with a pair of clippers...and it didn't turn out too well...I ended up nicing him a couple of times...it was funny as hell to me but not to him his skin kinda got caught in the clippers he was bleeding and all lol needless to say he never asked me to do it again

    • You can't use clippers. You have to use a razor.

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