Dirty picture poses

A few months ago I sent some pics to my boyfriend of me mostly in sexy panties and bra and topless and he loved them. Well for Christmas he says he wants some dirty ones. Does anyone have any ideas of poses or maybe a link I could look at?


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  • Pose in person like the girl said. A girl your age should know better than to send revealing photos to a boyfriend. Unless you do want to end up on the internet or at least emailed to all his friends. Look at any porn site to get ideas the internets full of them.


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  • Don't fall for this. Keep your dignity as you have done.

    Be a scarce resource. If you give him anything he wants, what's left to explore?


  • toys, props, and syrups...how can you go wrong.

  • hmmmmmmmmm...

  • Let your mind run free and take a whole bunch of them. Then send them to me and I'll tell you which ones are the best!

  • Spread eagle or bending over with your ass and p**** showing ;)

  • send him real dirty ones so that when you guys break up he puts them all over the internet

    • I have been with my boyfriend for 10 years so I am not too worried about that.

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  • i would check out some playboy (or something similar) pics, and probably some sexy costumes, oil (oil your body up) and definitly a toy (with penetration pics). Doesn't have 2 be big...actually probably be better smaller...but that's my opinion..i think a guys opinion would be best =D

  • I would not do it! Pose for him in person instead.

    • Yes, he wouldn't be the first boyfriend to something despicable like post your photos on the internet. Never, ever send the boyfriend naked photos of yourself.

    • Yes, I have seen this happen to friends who were absolutely convinced that they were dating stand-up guys. It isn't just the guy who might post the photos. What if a house-guest someone borrows his computer or he takes it in to be repaired? Once a photo is out there it ALWAYS gets out eventually.