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Is it bad he came so fast?

When I as giving him oral, he came really fast. Like in less than two minutes. Believe me I didn't mind at all but in the back of my mind I thought... Show More

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  • He was probably chuckling as he was embaressed and thought if he laughed you'd laugh along with him at how quickly he came, he might have thought that if he didn't laugh at himself you would have done and he would have been even more embaressed, so its probably just a sign he was embaressed nothing to do with you :) x

What Guys Said 7

  • It takes me over an hour to come from regular sex, not to mention oral, that's pretty crazy what he did.

  • No him coming fast would mean you did it very right. The chuckle was probably him laughing at himself for cuming so fast.

  • 1. YOU did nothing remotely bad. Is it bad that HE came that fast, well, that's up to you when/if you want him to last longer in bed, and he's going to be coming if 2 minutes or less.

    2. I think the chuckle was embarrassment. You know, how sometimes people burp in an un-opportune moment? There's nothing really funny about a burp, but the person who burped kind of smiles. I think he was kind of embarrassed, felt a little awkward, I mean, really, what can you say immediately after a blow job?

  • He came fast because you probably gave him oral instinctively. If he is going to last longer, you need to tease a bit and back off every now and then. Guys generally can't "come to get it over with" unless they are masturbating. They can't fake it so that means he was most likely laughing happily. Ejaculation releases endorphins that can cause a soothing high. That's why its so easy to fall asleep afterward.

  • If that was his first time, he was over excited or you were just really good, I can see why he went so fast and its possible he just thought it was funny he couldn't hold out longer. That's only a guess though as I've never experienced it.

  • "came to get it over with?" Impossible. He just thinks you're really hot or really good at it. You should be giving yourself a pat on the back.

What Girls Said 3

  • It sounds to me like you are very very good at it!

  • Def. don't think it was bad that he came fast! Good job :o)

  • I would be pleased if it normally took any guy about 2 minutes. Just be happy with it. He obviously enjoyed it!

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