Girls, is it normal to have like bumps above your clit. almost like little white heads hundreds of them.

like I have those little white head bump things between my mound and clit in that awkward area of skin...looks like goose bumps, is this normal. and its not an std because I'm a virgin 100%


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  • Well mine aren't white, but I definitely have a bunch of those little bumps you're talking about. I think you're fine.

    • Haha thanks. yea not white but kinda same ok thanks

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  • off topic, but what makes you think girls have seen more clits close up than guys have?

    • Don't be mean, I tried to help you.

    • Good call

    • Yeah, sorry to be gross. Yeah, on some guys, hair creeps up the shaft a bit. It grosses me out too, that's why I shave it.

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  • i don't know whether it's normal or not but I have them too. but I also shave a lot so like the guy said, it's probably hair follicles.

  • well, I don't know if its normal or not. I can only speak for myself but I don't have them (I just looked thoroughly lol) but maybe there isn't anything wrong with it .. you should ask your mom or go get that checked out

    • Hahaha you checked lol thanks...i feel better now thanks to Enidega and vmw2008

  • I have little bumps too, it's normal.