If your man gets a lot of boners at night , then how do you feel?

If you two are cuddling and about to go to sleep (lets say you don't want sex or just finished) and you feel his boner (again possibly), does that annoy you? Lets say just the woman is tired and wants to go to sleep, but she feels his boner; does that disgust you? I lot of men often wake up in the morning (and almost every morning) with a boner; does that disgust you or annoy you or make you laugh that he does that every day?

If you two just finished but he gets hard again a few minutes later does that put you in the mood for round 2? Or are you just tired and want to go to sleep? Lets say it's on a random night when you were not thinking about sex that day and he gets one; does that immediately put you in the mood? Or do you just ignore it and try to go to sleep?

Also lets say it's 4:00 am and you feel it, but can't do it at that time because you have to go to work in the morning; does that annoy you or do you just ignore it and try to go back to sleep? So in general if your man gets a lot of boners at night weather it's convenient or inconvenient for you, then how do you feel?


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  • I'm a sexual pleaser. I get turned on by my boyfriend's boners. If I'm willing to stay up and talk to him till seven in the morning, when I have work or school the next day, I know I would gladly turn around and give him oral, or intercourse. Or ask him to finish himself so I can watch. I love him and I'm extremely attracted to him, so that adds onto the desire. Even if I'm not in the mood, sometimes I'll do it, because I will partially enjoy it. It may not be the best for him if I don't look like I'm totally happy.but he asked for it. Though that's rare. We have an extremely equal relationship in every aspect.but pleasing him sexually is one of my favorite things to do.

    So that was a really long answer for "no, it wouldn't bother me, I would love it."



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  • No, I don't find it disgusting. I'll probably end up playing with it. Then that'll lead to more sex.

  • It doesn't disgust me at all, I like seeing him turned on. However, my boyfriend having a boner does NOT equal me being turned on and rearing to go. Just because his little friend's up doesn't mean that I owe him sex.

  • i don't know why someone who's in your bed would get disgusted by your boner. they're natural and amazing.

    but if she's tried let her sleep.

  • We usually have sex in the morning because of his boners. At like 5:00 am.

    : ]

  • So I have a question for you in the middle of the night if you have a boner and your asleep and your girlfriend/wife wake up and see you have a boner do you mind them taking care of it while you sleep or do not like waking up to your girl giving you bj/hj or being on top of you? Would you be mad at her for taking matter in her hands?

    And also if a girl gets grossed out then she needs to rethink what's she doing cause it very natural for males to get boners during the night I once read that males get at least 11 erections while they sleep :)

  • I do not think it is such a big deal.

    I mean, my boyfriend gets boners all the time after we have sex and if I feel it that deff puts me in the mood to do it again. But then again, that is just me.


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  • Yeah it gets annoying if the other person ain't gonna give it up, lol. Well if it disgust her then she has a problem, she should understand and you can communicate that with her that you can't control it and not to get offended. Anytime I even hug a girl I like for a few moments I get one. Getting hard again doesn't necessarily put her in the mood again, you have to stimulate her other ways. Kissing rubbing, you gotta heat her back up. Saying I'm tired is a bullshit excuse, I'm usually never to tired to do that. At 4 in the morning sometimes I will wake them up by touching them or giving them head. Well its can get frustrating if your sexual desire is way more than your partner. You just have to find new ways to get them excited and want to get them to do more make it more pleasurable. Because if something is so good who wouldn't want to do it? Good?

    • Jaja well I deal with it everyday. all I can tell you is that they don't bother me at all. the only thing left to do is to DO something about it. ;)