Are girls excited to find out their boyfriend's or the guys penis size...?

Are girls excited to find out their boyfriend's or the guys penis size...? do response only girls


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  • not really, kinda interesting, but nothing that I need to know, not really important

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  • as long as he's circumcised, clean, and trimmed I really don't care

  • it's interesting to find out, but definitely not the most exciting aspect of the relationship

  • I wouldn't say I'm excited to know the size of it. More excited to see it. I don't care how big it is! Doesn't mean anything to me.

  • Not so much,i have to agree it would be interesting to know thoughbut I don't really care that much

  • no, you guys make a far bigger deal out of your penis size then us girls. you break it down to the exact quarter of an inch. do you really think our eyes can pick up the exact length? no... all we care about is if it's in the right ballpark of size we want, and you know how to use it.

    • But I gues girls are relly excited to knw the size

    • I'm going to have to agree. guys make a way bigger deal out of it but from what I've learned (watching sex and the city) and the following it has; women are no strangers to sex talk lol

    • Copy big d***s=lousy boyfriends small d***s=good boyfriends...haha just kidding...

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  • I'm just excited to see their penis end of story.. I don't even think about the size before

    • Wot you mean by end of story

  • Its not overly important, but its interesting to know. :)

  • If he's got a nice penis then it's a plus, but I'm not like overly excited to find out if that's what you mean, lol. I'll find out when I find out! :o)

  • I just wonder I don't skip around.

  • it would be interesting to find out, but I wouldn't be jumping out of my skin to find out.

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