Having a crush on a family member?

Just curious, how many of you had a crush on a family member when you were a little kid? I remember having a crush on a couple of my cousins when I was little... and it's pretty weird, would never admit that to any family member, but I try to make myself feel better by telling myself a lot of little kids go through this lol

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  • I liked one of my older guy cousins when I was like, 8 years old and I used to tell him he was my favorite cousin, lol. I'm pretty sure he just thought I was annoying :o)


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  • I had one on my cousin when I was like 10...she was my step-cousin though if that makes any sense...she was my Uncles step-daughter...haven't seen her in years...

    • Ya I have tons of step cousins, or cousins once removed... I don't even know what all the terminology means, but we're cousins in one way or another.

    • My biggest fear is partying and sleeping with a girl here in Vegas, only to find out some how some way that she's my cousin...the horror!!!

  • Yeah, I had one on my cousin too. I always tried to get her to play "Show me yours Ill show you mine" but she would never do it.

    • Haha my older sister used to make up games at our babysitters where we would all show each other things... its ridiculous to think of now, but it was so harmless.

  • I had a crush on a family member, and it's really weird to think about it. I would never tell her or anyone in the family, but I do think these are common sometimes.

  • ummm... for what it is worth... marriage to a first cousin is legal in about 1/4 of the 50 United States...


  • yep, cousin crushes when I was little.

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  • I've been physically attracted to a couple of my female cousins, but none of my male cousins, and I've never had a "crush", per se, on any of them.

  • Yeah I did. I'm going to tell them though. Its weird. haha.

  • I never had a crush on any of my close cousins, but I did have one on my like my 5th? cousin. I wasn't extremely young lol, but I didn't know he was my cousin and I still kinda liked him. (He was gorgeous. haha)

  • I don't have any cousins within my age range, so no. They're all older than I am and live in different states/countries

  • My cousin and I used to fight over who our Uncle liked better.

    I also had a crush on one of my cousins when I was younger. I think this sort of behavior is normal, it's not like at that age we know any better.

    It's nothing to worry about!

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