Do guys like giving head?

Now I know that this is a weird question.. But I was just wondering..

Does guys like giving head? And why do they? What do you get out of it? ..

I feel weird having a guy seeing my - from that angle.. hehe


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  • some guys like to and some don't...i personally love to do it and it gives me a great thrill. its a very personal thing to be down there on a girl and to be that close to her and to have some much control over her too. its fun. I really get the idea of control and intimacy with her. if its ur first time with him, I would suggest to make sure you trim and have it nice and neat down there..and to wear some sexy panties. but the main thing is that if he is doing it to u, relax and enjoy and have a nice orgasm too.


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  • I like RECEIVING head but I will never GIVE head! It's the next best thing to being inside a vagina.

    • You sound boring

    • Pardon me! She did use the term 'GIVING head'. Typically that means a girl performing FELLATIO. However, it does appear she was trying to ask, "Do guys like giving CUNNILINGUS?" Yes, I've 'eaten' several girls. It's a lot of work sometimes and my tongue gets so tired I can't finish the task---bring her to orgasm by licking her clit.

  • To answer fully: Yes I like 'giving head' to a girl. I like it as it's not about any one thing. It's a combination of the pleasurable aspect of oral sex, sight, smell taste...let's just say if a guy likes going down on a girl it's a huge turn on for him too. What do I get out of it? A lot of pleasant tasting juices, hair pulling, a girl with a look of utter satisfaction on her face and a great sense of achievement!

  • I love giving head. To me the taste, smell, and everything else about it is a huge turn-on. Also, hearing her moan with enjoyment while I'm going down on her is great for me.

  • I feel about cunnilingus, the way Homer Simpson feels about Doughnuts.

  • What a feeling of power over a woman's pleasure. I can also make my women go crazy with fingering them, but both are great fun for me and them. And I agree with others that say it's a great view. The stomach is rolling, breasts are heaving, back is arching. . . . I gotta go!

  • I know I do

  • at first I didn't like it but I got used to it and my gag reflex isn't bad at all now. I love giving head now. I usually give head to get him off before we have sex because I receive and he gets off inside me. you should see the obvious reason I get him off first lolol. But anyway yes I love to give head and even swallow. It is a kinda weird question seeing as there aren't many gays on this site but all the well...

  • I do enjoy giving a woman head. I just enjoy the whole experience (as long as they are enjoying it). If you are in the middle of receiving, and are giggling here and there, well then we can move on to another enjoyment.

  • yes, I love eating out chicks. so hot when they squirm around in pleasure ;)


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  • way to go all you adventurous boys!

  • omg I feel so weird too its so ugly and icky down there I don't get why they like it but everyone I know LOVES it! I mean guys are all smooth and gorgeous! and were not so much but trust me they enjoy

    • I think in most cases the enjoyment comes from giving pleasure to the girl rather than any particular enjoyment of the taste or aesthetics down there. However I've never considered any girls vagina ugly

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    • Does guys think that a girl's - is ugly?

    • I don't find girls' vaginas ugly at all. For me, seeing them up close is part of the turn-on of giving oral.