What does it mean when a guy says.....

what does it mean when a guy says he wants to come down on you? is he saying he want to have sex with you? and what's is mean for a girl to cum?

and what causes a girl to cum?


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  • i don't know exactly what guys mean when they say I want to come down on you,but when a girl says I'm about to "cum" it means during sex they are going to explode or in an easier way to say it is that they about to p*ss out lol and the reason why I said that is because when a boy or a girl is about to climax and they're like shaking and want to get something out,they just need to pee like real bad and the pee is dry and I know that's a disgusting way to explain it but its the truth

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      Dry? o.<

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      What the hell are you talking about? Ejaculation is not dry pee... or whatever you are trying to say.