Why does his sperm smell sweet?

Today was the first time I truly smelled his...fluids... And it smelled like honey to me and the scent got me wet INSTANTLY. Any ideas on why it smells so good to me? Am I the only one who has had this experience?


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  • Sperm can smell or taste like the food he has consumed. Lots of meat will leave an acidic, rancid smell. Lots of fruit will leave a sweet, fresh smell. Also semen contains pheromones/hormones that by there very nature are meant to make women horny. The purpose of those is to make a woman enjoy the sperm being in her body. Most women due to developmental reasons lack the "equipment" to really sense the pheromones though. (by developmental I mean as in that part of the body didn't grow). Irregardless I hope you had fun :D.

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      Thanks! you made the most sense :)