Why does his sperm smell sweet?

Today was the first time I truly smelled his...fluids... And it smelled like honey to me and the scent got me wet INSTANTLY. Any ideas on why it smells so good to me? Am I the only one who has had this experience?


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  • Sperm can smell or taste like the food he has consumed. Lots of meat will leave an acidic, rancid smell. Lots of fruit will leave a sweet, fresh smell. Also semen contains pheromones/hormones that by there very nature are meant to make women horny. The purpose of those is to make a woman enjoy the sperm being in her body. Most women due to developmental reasons lack the "equipment" to really sense the pheromones though. (by developmental I mean as in that part of the body didn't grow). Irregardless I hope you had fun :D.

    • Thanks! you made the most sense :)

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  • Your man nuts sweet-smelling honey?

    Your girlfriends must never know this.

  • It comes from his diet, usually fruit like pineapple makes it smell sweet, even taste sweet. Obviously I'm going by ear from girls I know, not personal experience despite my bisexuality...

  • Yep. Smell/taste of it is determined by diet. Fruits and vegetables make it sweet. Meats make it salty and sugar/alcohol make it bitter. Give it a taste, you might like it.

  • Fruits make it sweet.

  • the smell/taste of semen changes depending on the guy's diet. maybe he had been drinking a lot of pineapple juice!

    • The funny thing is that he's never had pineapple! LoL

  • I haven't noticed fruit having any effect on either myself or women, but I have noticed that eating garlic makes semen and even urine smell horrible. Seriously just vomit-inducing.

  • a lot of girls like the way it tastes and smells. maybe you are one of them... remember, having your dose once a day keeps the doctor away... ;)


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  • I have to say I'm pretty impressed that the men know the importance of diet in how their sperm tastes. I'd ask him what he's been eating and make sure you keep a stock of it in the house. Have fun!

  • Funny, the smell always reminded me a little bit of pancake batter ^.^

  • You're so lucky! Some men stink (sorry, can't think of a better word :P) but when I'm giving blow jobs, I just swallow them without tasting it. And yes, the smell can make me wet INSTANTLY too, ha ha

  • did you taste it? it tastes like burnt ass.

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    • Hrm, yeah... technically that's not a simile, what you wrote there. Though "Dumb as a brick" is one, so uhm good job on that last bit.

    • Yeah, you're right.