He asked for weird anal fetish and I freak out.

This guy I've been seeing for the last 2.5 months - well last night was going to be our first time. We drank some wine and then proceeded to his room.

Anyway, he turned on a strange porn that was kind of disgusting. I was getting turned ON up until that point in time.

He then asked if he could put his fingers into my bhole one at a time while I jerked him. HOW UNROMANTIC --- I told him NO and he then got up, put his shirt on and grabbed a coke.

He turned on the sports channel and told me he was tired.

WTF? I got upset and left and he texted me today and told me he wanted to butt fist me...FOR REAL? GUYS LIKE THIS?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I use to work in a porn store and they sold a life sized rubber fist. I would show one to him and say ''ONLY IF YOU LET ME DO YOU FIRST''