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He asked for weird anal fetish and I freak out.

This guy I've been seeing for the last 2.5 months - well last night was going to be our first time. We drank some wine and then proceeded to his... Show More


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  • I use to work in a porn store and they sold a life sized rubber fist. I would show one to him and say ''ONLY IF YOU LET ME DO YOU FIRST''

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What Guys Said 5

  • Yes, this is definitely the exception rather than the rule.

  • ... sounds like a winner. I would stay far far away from him.

    • I'll say!!!

  • Its one thing to have a little fantasy.. It's another thing to be so up front and pushy about it..Kinda sounds like an ahole out to get his rocks off

  • Sounds like a player, players know when to stop something, it builds confusion in the girls and girls are more likely to go for it next time since they don't want to experience that awkwardness again. Plus taking away the interest makes the girl wonder if he really care about her which makes him a bigger challenge and she gets attracted and confused at the same time, which brings her in an emotional State that will make easy for him to go forward with her. Pickup science at a glance.

  • lol, apparently that's how he gets his jollies. doesn't sound very comfortable

What Girls Said 2

  • O_O WTF?!?!? That was no way to act about you not being comfortable with something. And FIST!? OUCH! Ugh, I think you should stop seeing this guy. Not because he has weird fantasies, but because he doesn't seem to respect the fact you do not share them.

    • Definitely... it isn't 'strange' if the people participating in it both enjoy it, but the way he approached you about it and then reacted shows he is self-centered and immature.

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