Do girls like guys to sleep naked?

I know that when my girlfriends have slept naked next to me, it is absolutely amazing. I love the feel of their smooth bodies against me. I usually can't help myself and end up all over them. Do girls feel the same way? Also do other guys have a hard on most of the night too and do girls like that or find it annoying.

Great comments everyone. I thought girls would get a frustrated with their guys being hard and humping them all night. My exes got very frustrated with me and eventually wore heavier clothes to bed and asked that I wear at least two layers.


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  • I love to sleep naked with my boyfriend and I love it when he is horny all night lol.


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  • I love it, the feel of a guy's skin next to mine and his body heat..mmm...I love it if a guy gets hard during the night, best way to wake you up...However I hate sleeping naked when I'm on my own, feels kinda sad and lonely..

  • I love it when my boyfriend and I sleep together naked, it usually either follows or precedes sex.

  • If he's sexy, it's sexy.

  • i have yes and I love the feeling. one of my bfs still lived with his parents so I would sleep in my bra and undies because I wouldn't want his parents coming in and the sheets have come off.

  • I sleep naked all the time if my boyfriend does I would love it. If he had a hard on while we were lying together it would make me horny. I prefer him to be hard while we sleep. I like him hard 24/7 and try to make him stay that way.

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      What do you wear under your clothing After that and I'm single

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  • I completely agree with you, it's one of the best feelings out there.