At what age do male and female have the highest sex drive...?

i am 21 and I and always it the same with other also


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  • honestly I am 17 and so horny lol...but I am a virgin also so that's probably why cause I ain't getting any...but I do masturbate like all the time and at least once a day..but I'm still so horny so I don't know lol.

    • Wow you are virgin and you must keep it for your husband...u look so gorgeous

    • Haha yeah I am a virgin I don't know bout keeping it for my husband I have thought about staying pure till marriage and getting a purity ring, but still not sure. I guess I just never have been in a REAL serious relationship to lose it and never found a guy worthy enough to lose it to. and thanks. :)

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  • For guys it is between their teen years to their mid to late 20's for women its suppose to be their late 20's through somewhere in their 30's. I am not looking forward to this cause I have always had an over active sex drive and I can't imaging it getting worse than this but I see it coming. I'll be f***ing everything in sight.

  • I'm 18 & I have a high sex drive... But most women say its in the late 20's /early 30's

    • How many times do you wan sex in a day..? I need it more than 10 times but I don't do .

  • I'm 19 and my sex drive seems just fine. I don't see why it wouldn't be in 2 yrs, too :o)

  • I'm 39 and have found my sex drive is in overdrive! I've always been sex driven but this ... this is amazing!

    • How many times you have sex in a day

  • I agree with anonymous girl it is defiantly late twenty's to early thirty's.

    • I don't think so

    • Google it you will see I am I am right. I know it must be very disappointing for you to find out the older women are the horny ones. I am much hornier than I was when I was in my teens or twenties. I would be happy to have sex several times a day now where as in my 20 it was maybe 3-4 times a week.

  • sweetie I'm 19 and I'm always horny

    • What do you when you are horny

    • Bang my man lol or deal with it

  • Women hit there sexual peak in there early 30's some late 20's.


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  • I was like a hyperactive machine from 15-25. My libido has cooled off quite a bit in recent years. I'm 33 now. I actually find it kind of funny how that works out. I spent my entire teenage and early adult life doing anything I could for sex. Women had all the power. Now my wife is getting hornier and hornier each passing year and I'm telling her I'm not interested.

  • When I was a few months away from my 20th birthday, I pulled a 33 year old girl. I remember saying that guys were at their peak around my age but women her age were also at their peak. And I have to add, apart from being gorgeous and looking like Kate Bush, we had a night I will never forget. I guess the challenge for men in their 30's and 40's is to keep fit and keep your partner satisfied because her sex drive is as high as a teenage guy's!

  • well I'm 25 and have had a delayed puberty so I'm now going through what most guys went through when they hit puberty in there teens :)

  • well I'm Italian and my is high all the time