How do girls feel about seeing erections?

All throughout high school and still now really I have gotten erections. Maybe I am thinking of a girl or I see a girl that turns me on for some reason or overhear a conversation about sex or hear a girl with a sexy accent or just feel really horny or are wearing pants that rub me a certain way or... Show More

The bacon thing was a joke. I tend to be way too long winded. My question is how do girls feel about seeing a guy with an erection in public and how do girls feel about feeling an erection while dancing or kissing

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  • Hey kid and or sir.

    This just sounds like your over active. A little self control is good. But an erection can definitely turn a girl on. It makes them feel good that you turn them on. I feel proud of myself knowing that just kissing him or being near him turns him on.

    But the whole thinking about stuff and eating something really good... that is a little much.

    I'd say jack off a little more.

    It's healthy.

    You'll be fine.

    I wish you luck!

    It's weird if a stranger sitting next to me has an erection. I'd be scared.

    • The eating stuff was kind of a joke my point was really just that a lot of guys get random erections and I was wondering how a girl feels about being next to a stranger with an erection. If I am getting what you are saying your saying its a turn on if your kissing a Hey it happens being squished next to a beautiful woman on a crowded bus. The buses where I live are ridiculously overcrowded. I tend to cover it up with my coat. I jack off plenty thanks

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    • Well I might have felt one with my tongue I guess. Do they happen from seeing an attractive guy or thinking about sex, I really never thought about that

    • I haven't really thought about that either. It's mainly when we're turned on. MASS.