How do girls feel about seeing erections?

All throughout high school and still now really I have gotten erections. Maybe I am thinking of a girl or I see a girl that turns me on for some reason or overhear a conversation about sex or hear a girl with a sexy accent or just feel really horny or are wearing pants that rub me a certain way or something really cool that's not even sexual, like I eat an amazing piece of bacon. I suddenly have an awkward indicator that I am happy to be here. I have a coat I use to hide it and in a moment of semi privacy I try to adjust it so its not sticking out. But sometimes I think guys like to see the shape or girls breasts through their clothes. And most girls want us to notice. Even pretty traditionally dressed women who cover most of their skin tend to wear somewhat tight clothing around the chest to give men a view of the silhouette of what lies underneath, do women look at the shape of an erection through our pants, is it at all a turn on. What if you are sitting down next to a guy you have never met on a crowded bus. Be honest, I have caught a girl looking at me there once or twice but is this something we should be embarrassed about? Another question when dancing I almost always get hard if I like the girl and oftentimes I end up sort of poking her in the leg. I don't do this on purpose but I am not really complaining when it happens either. I think as long as a guy doesn't overdo it and act like a pervert its kinda romantic. Shows I am happy to see her anyway. Same is true of kissing when I kiss a girl I usually get an erection and it usually presses against her somewhat. Or cuddling with a girl on the couch. I am not sure, on the one hand its a little embarrassing but sometimes it makes me feel sexy, or it seems like not a big deal just a tool in its sheath your brother dad and everyone male you knows got one right but I also don't wanna come across as a pervert. Its the worrying preoccupation of teenage boys and young men everywhere. How do girls feel about this stuff

The bacon thing was a joke. I tend to be way too long winded. My question is how do girls feel about seeing a guy with an erection in public and how do girls feel about feeling an erection while dancing or kissing

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  • Hey kid and or sir.

    This just sounds like your over active. A little self control is good. But an erection can definitely turn a girl on. It makes them feel good that you turn them on. I feel proud of myself knowing that just kissing him or being near him turns him on.

    But the whole thinking about stuff and eating something really good... that is a little much.

    I'd say jack off a little more.

    It's healthy.

    You'll be fine.

    I wish you luck!

    It's weird if a stranger sitting next to me has an erection. I'd be scared.

    • I haven't really thought about that either. It's mainly when we're turned on. MASS.

    • Well I might have felt one with my tongue I guess. Do they happen from seeing an attractive guy or thinking about sex, I really never thought about that

    • Ahahaha! You didn't know girls did that?

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  • 3mo

    How do girls feel about seeing erections?

    The way you write is very informative :) Actually as a girl, I am always very curious of what the opposite sex thinks. I have been wondering why this one guy will suddenly feel so happy as it shows in his eyes when I lean in to whisper something to him inside the car, that's so adorable :) I noticed that he suddenly move his legs a lot , put his hands into his pocket and move his body forward. So he was happy to see me. I also saw that there's a line pointing towards the left direction in his genital area, and wondering if it's normal lol. I have wondered too if he was erect at that time, but I thought it's not possible because I didn't even touch him or anything. But now that I think of it, he would always put his hands inside the pocket whenever I am around lol.

    • 3mo

      Do women look at the shape of an erection through our pants, is it at all a turn on?
      That would depend on my curiosity towards that guy. If I am curious of that certain guy, I do look and find it a huge turn on if I see he's very happy. I feel somewhat disgusted though if the guy is a stranger and he rubs his penis against me in public area. I have once encountered this situation because the train was crowded and was a bad experience.

      Is this something we should be embarrassed about?
      Oh, I personally think it's such an adorable act :) But different people react differently.

      I suppose that if you like a person, you always feel happy to "know" they are also happy haha :)

  • I don't know if you still care or not but I like your long windedness and think erections, sponataneous or not are great. Personally I always check out guys usually without thinking about it and when I see a guy who's popped one it makes me wonder what got him happy. It's fun to imagine what he could be thinking of or remembering that gave him that stiffy. And if he's mai type I may even chat with him a bit. In mai eyes, erections are never bad and pretty much always a turn on. Except for creepy old guys and stuff. They're pretty much just creepy.

    • Nice. Guys like to be checked out too and guys absoulutely loved to be complimented on our looks. Remember were all gonna be old someday

  • i think erections are f-cking hot

    • Um well I don't think there's nothing wrong on telling your sexual desires and stuff like that...actually I hate girls that act like "ooh I've never done stuff" ohh please come on we're living on the 21st century. haha

    • Yeah you are. Plus from talking to you I like your personality. I think girls that are open about being sexual beings are a turn on. Our society is so good at making women feel ashamed

    • Well we girls sometimes pretend we are not paying attention to those details but we do haha... And those little details are a turn on... And yep that's me I'm not that pretty lolyep

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  • I admit that bacon is pretty damn good, but it shouldn't give you an erection. Instead it might make you think back to a point in time with bacon in which you were turned on. Like a breakfast place and there was a hot girl in the restaurant.

    • That was kind of a joke. I guess what I am saying is sometimes you get an erection for no reason its not even sexual