What is the sexiest/kinkiest thing a woman could do for her man to show him how much she loves him?

My anniversary is coming up and I want to do something special for my man. I don't want to do anything romantic. I want to do something extremely sexy and/or kinky. I am sexually open minded so don't be shy about your answers. Please leave suggestions that are as detailed as possible.



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  • Hmm, not sure as to how far you'd go, but there's simple sexy things... like doing a striptease if you wanted to further that... suggest a lap dance?, you could hire a costume like a nurses or french maid, you could role play... act out fantasies.

    • Thanks. And there's no limit to what I'd do.

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  • I can tell you the 3 best things I've had going.

    1. I open the door and she is only waring a red ribbon that covers her nipples and V*-

    2. I open the door and she is bending over naked on a chair gently *playing with her self*.

    3. Or she turns up in a school uniform with pigtails and a lollipop.

    Hehe these are a bit extreme I guess. But o boy they surely do work :D

    • Great minds think a like lol. I've done 1 and 3 before. I will definitely try #2. thanks

    • Hehe well he can't complain then :D

  • Well I can only tell you what works for me. I'm a sexually dominant man. So if he's not, then it wouldn't work. I get turned on by the leather collar and chain and submissive behavior. There are plenty of sources of information for acting the sub. But like I said, it's only if he's a dom.

  • Go for a meal in a hotel and book a room for that night. When it gets to dessert, take a strawberry etc, put it in you and ask if he wants to have dessert upstairs. Or wear a french maid's outfit when he gets in and go down on him right there in the hallway/kitchen whatever. Did both activities and it was fantastic

  • Great answers so far! You might ask him beforehand to spill some fantasies he has that you two haven't done yet. Then see if you can make one of those a reality for him!


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  • I know a guy who said his best sexual experience was when a female had crushed ice in her mouth during oral. He loved it because he didn't expect it.