Why do girls not like really smart guys?

I was tested to be a genius in 3rd grade, and have always been 5-6 grades ahead(mentally) of everyone else. I am not really ugly, I play football, participate in clubs, do a lot of stuff the other guys that girls like do, but for some reason girls always tell me I am too smart to like. I am nice with people, I never condescend, never lie, and have never really insulted someone. I flirt, make people laugh, but apparently girls don't like me just because I am smart? What the hell? Why do girls go out with idiot morons that will never get a job? Or won't be able to support a family? Or won't be smart enough to even show any signs of love back? Or are girls just really screwed up...


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  • I love smart men! They're easy to carry a conversation with and it's always interesting to talk to them. However, I would feel really self-conscious about myself. I'm well educated, but if I was with someone who was a complete genius I'd start thinking 'oh my god he must think I'm the stupidest person ever' because there's no way I would be able to match his intelligence. If you're with a girl and you feel like maybe she's thinking that way, let her know you don't. (but be subtle). Like, "that's an interesting opinion" or "I've never though of it that way". That way she can feel like she's bringing something to the relationship (mentally).

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      Wow, I have never thought of it that way.