Why do girls not like really smart guys?

I was tested to be a genius in 3rd grade, and have always been 5-6 grades ahead(mentally) of everyone else. I am not really ugly, I play football, participate in clubs, do a lot of stuff the other guys that girls like do, but for some reason girls always tell me I am too smart to like. I am nice with people, I never condescend, never lie, and have never really insulted someone. I flirt, make people laugh, but apparently girls don't like me just because I am smart? What the hell? Why do girls go out with idiot morons that will never get a job? Or won't be able to support a family? Or won't be smart enough to even show any signs of love back? Or are girls just really screwed up...


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  • I love smart men! They're easy to carry a conversation with and it's always interesting to talk to them. However, I would feel really self-conscious about myself. I'm well educated, but if I was with someone who was a complete genius I'd start thinking 'oh my god he must think I'm the stupidest person ever' because there's no way I would be able to match his intelligence. If you're with a girl and you feel like maybe she's thinking that way, let her know you don't. (but be subtle). Like, "that's an interesting opinion" or "I've never though of it that way". That way she can feel like she's bringing something to the relationship (mentally).

    • Wow, I have never thought of it that way.

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  • Someone of your intelligence can be a little intimidating because it will be difficult to keep up intellectually at times. However, it shouldn't be a turn off, if anything it should be alluring. Personally, I love really intelligent guys who can hold a deep convo with me.

    I think that it's just the age bracket right now. You're a lot more mature than most your age. Girls tend not to look at the attributes that truly make the guy, his sense of humor, intellect, hobbies, how he treats her, long tern goals etc. Once girls mature and have done more dating, they begin to realize what they want in a relationship and a guy.

    Don't lose faith, good. decent girls exist and someone will find you very appealing.

  • I love intelligent guys, with a passion! I can connect with smart guys rather than dumb. Girls are not really screwed up. A lot girls want a love connection so bad they will give it a shot with someone they have a partial connection with, and later find out that for some reason it won't work. It's possible you're over confident (girls can find it intimidating) or you have the wrong approach and end up in the 'friend zone'.

    • Well I don't even end up in the friend zone, people just don't even regard me as human.

  • I dig smart guys , intelligence is a turn on. Maybe girls feel inferior to you. Or maybe they think being smart means your a nerd , which couldn't be more far from the truth...Trust me not every girl would dismiss an intelligent guy

    • I'm thinking that, but I don't go around spraying it on people.

  • i only like smart guys. Intelligence is something I always look for.

    but I'm smart too, and when I'm in a relationship I want to be the smarter one.

    • Your loss

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    • You are ruling out any guy smarter than you--how is that your gain?

    • I gave my answer so live with it, I don't need to explain myself.

      Quit arguing with a 17 year old.

  • i know what you mean... But I LOVE smart guys, if he's an idiot then I stay away from him.

    • Yeah, but I guess they find me intimidating, I took calculus and advanced math when I was 14, and started college at 15, and it seems they don't like this. But like I said I tried to make up for it by playing football and other things, but nothing I do seems to matter, I find it very confusing. It may just be my age, I assume that older girls look into more whether they will be a good father, than being bad boys. But I really don't know.

    • "Girls are not like physics, if you think and think the answer will not come to you, no matter how hard you try." Sadly my quote is true

    • Awwwe. I agree what the girl above me said. Intelligence is a turn on

  • remember not all the girls think the same and the ones that date morons its because theyre also morons for not seeing that there awesome guys out there, but if they like the morons, well we can't do anything to change their minds, its just what they need in that moment to fulfill their need of love... but if I wasn't 18, I would seriously date you, you sound very nice!=)

    • Thanks, its good to know not all girls are shallow ignorant b1tches

    • Your welcome!!!=)

  • maybe dy feel intimidated by u? personally I love smart guys!:-)

  • Its intimidating because ud think about everything you say so you don't sound dumb

  • intelligence is good. more intelligent girls prefer smart guys.

    like attracts like. if a girl is dumb or at least not intellectually inclined, she's not gonna want to date a smart guy, she wants someone more on her level. so leave the dumb girls alone and find someone similar to you


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  • your a genius you say?

    say something smart

    • I choose not to answer this question, but what I said was defiantly not disingenuous.

    • He already did, d***head.

  • Maybe the girls in your area are just picky. If your smart, I'd say that's awesome. Just continue to be who you are.

  • Go hang out with other smart people and I'm sure you will find the perfect girl for you. While the saying opposites attract is often true, good long term relationships are built on similarities and common attributes. Wait until you are at some super smart college like MIT or CalTech. You will have no problem finding girls who will love your intellect.

  • i don't think that that statement is very true. Seems to me most girls around here (this site) say intelligence is a turn on... perhaps it's a different aspect?

    • Well these girls are from a different age group.

  • I think that there are 5 different qualities in a man that will attract women to him. In order, these attributes are:






    Girls like cleanliness because it is the first thing they see. Girls fall over confidence because they love a man who is certain in himself and his own abilities. Girls date arrogant bastards (jerks) because of their perceived level of confidence. These arrogant bastards are insecure and really quite clueless, having no clear direction in life. Girls perceive the arrogant guys cluelessness and mistake it for confidence, and this is the girls undoing, for they look at the outward signs rather than at the heart.

    The next important thing is personality. A girl's attraction for you will be based on how you make her feel. Girls do not like smart guys because they do not think with logic; they think with emotions. This idea might seem strange or foreign to some guys, but it is true. While guys will usually think about only one thing at a time, if any, girls have multiple emotions running through them continuously. Girls can't not think about nothing. While guy's minds are nice and compartmentalized like waffles, girls minds are spinning around continuously like balls of yarn. Girls do not like smart guys because a guy's logic does not mean anything to her emotionally. If a girl perceives a guy as confident in his abilities, such as in his intelligence, then the girl will be all over him. The girl has to understand the guy's intelligence on an emotional level.

    Guys and girls speak two different languages, and unfortunately, we often have a lot of trouble getting of the language barrier.

  • Hi Dude,

    I just happen to be just like you i.e. I have a good face, slim muscular build and am considered very intelligent by many people. I'm in my very early twenties and am financially stable and everything.

    Like you I was wondering the same thing for ages and I realise now that it's more to do with tact or being tactful. You're probably interacting with girls the wrong way and that's all it is.

    What you need to do is make them feel welcome around you first so that they like being around you and feel confortable. One thing to help you with this is to never and I mean never reveal too much about yourself too soon. For instance don't ever go telling people how intelligent you are or what you've achieved. At least not until you know them really well and I mean attached to you. You gotta keep them guessing and you'll do just fine and also don't focus too much on the feeling of girls staying away from you it could just be your misunderstanding. Keep an open mind.

  • sigh.. little dude...your intelligence will forever work against you.

    Except in school. socially, it will cripple you. I'm sorry.

    • Yeah, but I do things like football, and I start and everything, but it just seems to be an aura around me that repels girls.