Women, why do you show cleavage?

Do you do this to attract a guy? I have heard of women that show cleavage and they complain about guys that stare at their breasts. Why is that? I understand that guys should make it less obvious, but are you bothered that they are looking at your breasts when you show some breasts?


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  • I'm normally pretty covered up, t-shirt, v-neck that doesn't show cleavage, etc. When I do chose to wear a shirt that shows a bit of cleavage, I try to do so in a way that is sexy and sophisticated, not trashy. If guys notice a little, but are discrete in their noticing, it makes me feel sexy. The second anyone gawked I would probably feel reduced to trashy and cheap. How people look at you and treat you can alter the way you think/feel about yourself, so really I would say it is less about looking and more about how guys look. Does that make any sense?

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  • Women show them because you look, or you look because women show them, it's a vicious cycle. It's to bad you just can't say ladies cover them up, if you don't want them to be seen. If you don't cover them up, we will all assume you want them to be seen, and we will look. Now if a lady is fully covered, and you still stare, well that's all on you not the woman.

  • Sometimes yes I'm bothered although sometimes feels nice but I don't do it for attraction sometimes I wanna look and feel sexy - that's all really to it! I don't feel like attracting a guy at all!

  • Because my cleavage is sexy. Usually just for attention, not gonna lie and say something else lol.
    But also, high neckline shirts and loosely fitting shirts make me look bigger. They're not flattering on girls with bigger boobs. Fitted, low cut shirts are more flattering on my figure and thats what makes me feel confident.

  • sometimes its the best shirt that goes with an outfit v neck. or the way a dress or shirt was designed. we want to look sexy. its nice to get a glance here and there but not excessive.

  • Sometimes a lower neckline balances a dress and the body as a whole. If you have big breasts, for example, it can make you look slimmer than if you're entirely covered up - I'm not suggesting cleavage down to the navel here, but just a bit. There aren't very many "dressy" dresses without any sort of cleavage either, if you don't shop at Modest Dressing websites or whatever.

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  • I think we live in the most contradictory country in the world. Women want to look sexy but they don't want to BE sexy. Women want men to be drawn to them but women don't want men sometimes. Women go thru great lengths to look their best but women don't want men to acknowledge their beauty. I can go on all day and night on this stuff. I try my best not to look at women below her chin no matter who she may be unless she's a porn chick. I have seen sexual harassment before, not a pretty situation for men at all, especially over something trivial such as looking.

    The way I see it, if women want to attract a man(usually a specific guy), showing cleavage is not the way to do it. Fancy clothes, clean hair and bodies, and direct contact does it for women.

  • I'll tell you the exact date when it happened. That one day Britney Spears did the VMA where she tore her clothes off and she had this nude outfit on underneath. That taught women their best asset was going to be their bodies so you might as well show it off if you have it. Now I'm not complaining, but I don't understand why women get mad when we look, when they put it out there. There are a lot more suggestive and sexually charged material out there and now its spilling out into the real world. This also answers that other question as to why ladies men might not respect you, because one you'll let the whole world ogle your goodies and two change your taste in men, find some respectable line of guys

  • Man I got to know that too why all the girl are like that. Even when we tell them that they don't need to be like that

  • This is mostly bull... The ONLY reason women show their breasts is to get guys attention (or girls attention depending on preference) They say it makes them feel sexy? Why is that? Its because they KNOW that guys will look, that's why. We're not stupid, ladies. If we don't look or notice, you're mad at us. IF we look, then we're perverts.
    If you're married and showing your chest, then you're obviously trying to either make your husband jealous, or looking for another guy to notice. That's repulsive, and to think that we men don't know this is naïve.