Women, why do you show cleavage?

Do you do this to attract a guy? I have heard of women that show cleavage and they complain about guys that stare at their breasts. Why is that? I understand that guys should make it less obvious, but are you bothered that they are looking at your breasts when you show some breasts?


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  • I'm normally pretty covered up, t-shirt, v-neck that doesn't show cleavage, etc. When I do chose to wear a shirt that shows a bit of cleavage, I try to do so in a way that is sexy and sophisticated, not trashy. If guys notice a little, but are discrete in their noticing, it makes me feel sexy. The second anyone gawked I would probably feel reduced to trashy and cheap. How people look at you and treat you can alter the way you think/feel about yourself, so really I would say it is less about looking and more about how guys look. Does that make any sense?

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      Yes it does! Thanks.