Do guys like pubic hair? Or should the girl shave?

Do guys like it when girls have their pubic hair? Or should they shave?


Most Helpful Guy

  • All my opinions only; different guys are different:

    I prefer hair. Shaved gives me that 11-year-old-girl vibe which rather dampens my desire, though some girls can certainly pull it off -- mostly girls with bodies that totally rock in other departments to compensate. Being shaved IMO will take a girl's hot-babe score (max 100) and knock it down 10-25 points in the sexuality dept. It can still be pretty, just not as sexy. Like there's an "oomph" that's AWOL. Especially when going down on her, shaved is like, "Hm."

    Trimmed is nice -- no need for the '70s "zomg hair!" look, so trimming bikini lines and reducing volume if you think you need to is great. But if you're trimming it so much it becomes a little patch or landing strip or stubble, then just shave it off and be done with it. Leaving 47 hairs down there does nothing for me, and stubble looks like you just haven't been keeping up on your shaved-look maintenance.

    I look forward to the day when shaving goes back out of style... >>wistful<<