Do guys like pubic hair? Or should the girl shave?

Do guys like it when girls have their pubic hair? Or should they shave?


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  • All my opinions only; different guys are different:

    I prefer hair. Shaved gives me that 11-year-old-girl vibe which rather dampens my desire, though some girls can certainly pull it off -- mostly girls with bodies that totally rock in other departments to compensate. Being shaved IMO will take a girl's hot-babe score (max 100) and knock it down 10-25 points in the sexuality dept. It can still be pretty, just not as sexy. Like there's an "oomph" that's AWOL. Especially when going down on her, shaved is like, "Hm."

    Trimmed is nice -- no need for the '70s "zomg hair!" look, so trimming bikini lines and reducing volume if you think you need to is great. But if you're trimming it so much it becomes a little patch or landing strip or stubble, then just shave it off and be done with it. Leaving 47 hairs down there does nothing for me, and stubble looks like you just haven't been keeping up on your shaved-look maintenance.

    I look forward to the day when shaving goes back out of style... >>wistful<<


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  • I like it trimmed. Keep it a prairie rather then a jungle, it looks cute too. Although getting pubic hair in the mouth during oral does get iffy, I find that girls who don't get waxes and shave get nasty bumps and scratches and it just looks gross. Raw chicken skin is a no no for me, so if you do want bald get a brazilian.

  • IT all depends on the guy as made plainly obvious. Some guys like it shaved some not. Just ask your guy cause he's all that should matter. If you're curious, then the answer to your question is majority: shaved. but there are some guys who would prefer it not shaved.

  • Most guys prefer it shaved, but for me, I prefer short-hair (like 4-5 days after shaved).

    • I agree man. Not a full blown bush but more than just bald.

    • By the way, the word I was looking for was "trimmed". =)

  • I don't see the connection between your two questions. In answer too the first one, most guys prefer you to shaved hairless. Most, not all guys.

    Should a girl shave? Yes, if she wants to be hairless. No, if she doesn't. It is your crotch, maintain it as you like it. He can keep his the way he likes it.

  • I have never seen so many answers on the subject of pubic hair for a woman...WOW

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  • The very first thing you need to learn hun is that, the things you do to YOUR BODY you do because you want too and not because of what some guy might think.

    No guy is going to walk away from you whether you have a p**** full of hair or shaved like a 4 year old.

    Do exactly what you want to do down there, and do not listen to what anyone else has to say.

    • Why so many down arrows? she has a good point... oh wait I know... because she said, "listen, HUN" ... yeah, it kind of lends the wrong tone to the comment...

      i do agree with her though...

    • I like your comment too, and the "Hun" part is OKAY are only 26 and not being motherly. I think I have to walk the "middle ground" on the subject


  • I am willing to do what a partner prefers because the oral payoff is well worth it. if he were at your table for breakfast, you'd ask how he likes his eggs, true?

    Letting a man shave/trim you is the very best compromise ever ever ever! For one thing, they have more practice and better tools for getting a smooth, clean shave. And obviously, they know what looks good on you! If he prefers you shaved/trimmed, put him to work, give him the lotion and such to keep you smooth afterwards, and just lay back and enjoy it! Trust me, they will look forward to this task!

    As for my preference, when I have been waxed bare, I am constantly aware of my down there as I am going through my day... it keeps me pretty aroused. But I don't think it looks right on my shape. Shaving bare down there is stubbly and prickly, gets razor bumps and looks bad, and it can be very uncomfortable.

    Keeping it trimmed with the sides waxed clean feels just right for me and looks right on me. I've had no complaints on that, I feel good about the way it looks, and it seems to be appetizing enough for most guys... except for the extremists on both sides of the bush debate.

  • Ask your boyfriend oi :P

  • most guys prefer trimmed or landing strips some like it completely shaved.. truly depends on the guy..

  • Generally speaking, statistically most guys do prefer a shaved or at least trimmed pubic area. I personally prefer shaved on both women and men. It is cleaner, more comfortable and makes for nicer sex, especially oral sex. I think it looks much nicer too.

    • Well, damn,,,,......."Lady Nike".........I can't go against the grain AND the TIGER.............I go with shaved..........My question is that it is not easy to do.....and maintain. I shaved my pubic area once and it DOES ITCH and it is PRICKLY........and once you have to "keep at it". A shaved pubic area does make a guys penis look larger......................but at what cost.....? I have to ask her.

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