Do guys like pubic hair? Or should the girl shave?

Do guys like it when girls have their pubic hair? Or should they shave?


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  • All my opinions only; different guys are different:

    I prefer hair. Shaved gives me that 11-year-old-girl vibe which rather dampens my desire, though some girls can certainly pull it off -- mostly girls with bodies that totally rock in other departments to compensate. Being shaved IMO will take a girl's hot-babe score (max 100) and knock it down 10-25 points in the sexuality dept. It can still be pretty, just not as sexy. Like there's an "oomph" that's AWOL. Especially when going down on her, shaved is like, "Hm."

    Trimmed is nice -- no need for the '70s "zomg hair!" look, so trimming bikini lines and reducing volume if you think you need to is great. But if you're trimming it so much it becomes a little patch or landing strip or stubble, then just shave it off and be done with it. Leaving 47 hairs down there does nothing for me, and stubble looks like you just haven't been keeping up on your shaved-look maintenance.

    I look forward to the day when shaving goes back out of style... >>wistful<<

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  • the should shave it really well , if its not shaved well then its worse than not shaved at all.

  • Some do, some don't. I like a girl to be trimmed or shaved, just because its not fun doing oral and getting a mouth full of hair. same goes for me I trim mine for the same reason.

  • a shaved beaver, is SUPER nice! as long as that beaver doesn't smell like a 3 day old fish left out in the desert. it's fine with me, hair or no hair, patched, trimmed, a full bush, a landing strip, or as bare as a virgin vajayjay... "as long as it's sweet to taste and pink to please."

  • damn it shave it...SHAVE, SHAVE, SHAVE IT~~~!

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  • I like it trimmed. Keep it a prairie rather then a jungle, it looks cute too. Although getting pubic hair in the mouth during oral does get iffy, I find that girls who don't get waxes and shave get nasty bumps and scratches and it just looks gross. Raw chicken skin is a no no for me, so if you do want bald get a brazilian.

  • Girls should always shave... WHo likes getting hair in their mouth. Of course, what is good for the goose is good for the gander, and the guy should shave too.

  • I love shaved... I am shaved as well, its more comfortable for me.

  • shaven or trimmed plz:)

  • shavey


    if it is not guys are scared, it'd make me cry

  • IT all depends on the guy as made plainly obvious. Some guys like it shaved some not. Just ask your guy cause he's all that should matter. If you're curious, then the answer to your question is majority: shaved. but there are some guys who would prefer it not shaved.

  • Whatever the girl feels comfortable with is the best. If a guy thinks a natural woman is gross, he has no business making love to them

  • shave on the bottom trimm on the top please. And I do the same ;) if your guy doesn't tell him to copy you its very easy after a while.

  • id like it clean,but japanese girl usually not shave it,i didn't know why

  • i absolutely HATE pubic hair. I find it really gross and unnattractive. I trim mine down and I really really prefer if girls shave theirs completely bald, including the asshole area. better yet, wxing or permanent removal is best. the smoother the better. I just don't want to get close and personal with all that nasty hair. if I had hair on my whole penis I would shave it bald. it is easier for girls to steer away from guys pubic hair, but we have to get right in their and we don't want it covered in hair. at least trim for god's sake, and please wax it bald, it is sooooooooooooooooo much better. I could lick a girl's vag and asshole all day if it is smooth and hairless, otherwise it is just gross.

    and it looks so much nicer shaved. a vagina is beautiful, don't keep it covered up.

  • I love it when a girl's p**** is completely shaved. It's hygienic and clean looking, (reduces the amount of bacteria and odor) and allows the girl to more easily feel sexual stimulation. Plus, p**** lips are just so pretty.

    • Pussy lips aren't just pretty there fun to play with :)

  • The cosmetic argument aside ,pubic hair may not be sexy at this particular point in human history, but we evolved with hair down there for a reason. Pubic hair is your body's way of providing a dry lubricant to keep the super-sensitive skin down there from getting irritated during sex.

    Think about it. During sex, there's a lot of moisture and a lot of friction. Your pubic hair provides a barrier between your genitals and all that friction. Without it, you're susceptible to heat rash and chafing, neither of which looks sexy in the morning.

  • Hair is absolutely horrible. If a girl doesn't shave I won't even go down there. EVER. Read articles online, it has been proven keeping your thing bald or very tightly trimmed reduces odor and chances of infection. 100% serious.

  • It doesn't have to be shaved, but it DOES have to be trimmed/maintained. This isn't a looks thing, this is basic hygiene. I keep my pubic hair under control, so she better do the same. ESPECIALLY if she wants me to go down on her.

    I try not to hold girls to standards which I don't keep myself. I don't expect girls to wax their pubic hair, because I don't wax mine. But I do trim it neatly so they should too.

  • I have never seen so many answers on the subject of pubic hair for a woman...WOW


  • Q1. Some do, some don't. Some switch back and forth.

    Depends on the natures of the guy, the girl, the pubic hair, and the alignment of the planets at that particular moment.

    Q2. Yes. Umm ... I mean, No. I mean, it's up to you!

  • trimmed

  • amazon rain forest

  • the hairier the better

  • Shaven is my favorite :-)

  • yeah shave, be careful not to cut yourself though

  • Guys like it best, when a girl's body is hairless.

    Waxing is better (smoother) than shaving. Laser hair removal is better than waxing.


  • As long as it's not an amazon forest down there it's all good.

  • Shaven or well-trimmed.

  • The only kind of public hair that I do not like is stubble: both my partner and I share this opinion, and I have never heard anyone disagree. Other than that, I do not have any developed preferences/tastes on this matter. (Of course, this is assuming consistent hygiene; if this is not maintained then the discussion takes on new dimensions.)

  • completely bald due to it feels better and easier to eat out of.

  • Completely bald preferably but at the very minimum trimmed.

    Unless you don't care if he goes down on you, then it matters quite a bit less imo.

  • I prefer it shaved, I shave too so I expect her to do the same for me.

  • I prefer completely bald, but I LOVE looking at my wifes vagina. And it's better when I go down on her. Alternatively, I like just a little fuzz. When she uses a beard trimmer set to the setting just longer than stubble. Landing strips and patches just look silly in my opinion.

  • Depend on how it looks like..Color and shape

    • Damn, I could not have said it better myself................good show !

  • The question itself turned me on. Lol

    It doesn’t matter whether shaved or not. What matters is whether you present it to your partner in a way he’d like it.

    Normally I don’t mind having hair.. I’d love to play with the hair before getting my tongue into the P****

  • Keep a little bit don't shave but not a full bush

  • full bush makes it look dirty, even if it's not. I don't even know why we humans evolved to have it -- no one likes it.

    • We didn't evolve to have it. We evolved FROM it. Before clothes we had hair :P

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  • ew shave..

  • zero hair plz :) lmao! not attractive, it's not hte 60's anymore bb !

  • I find it weird so many guys like totally shaven. Doesn't really matter to me though, they won't ever get it. My hair is too thick and I get major razor burn no matter what I do if I shave and I ain't ever waxing down there, plus the stubble a few hours later hurts. I keep it well trimmed and neat though.

  • my ex and I are real close now and I know its weird but I text the wrong person and I knew my friend was having sex and I knew my ex was to and the names were michalle and michelle their names were right beside each other need less to say I said to michalle so how did it go last night and he said well I started off fingering and he said there was to much hair so he quit then broke up with her! so I gues no

  • I don't think guys care as long as they get some vagina! LMFAO!

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  • most guys prefer trimmed or landing strips some like it completely shaved.. truly depends on the guy..

  • I am willing to do what a partner prefers because the oral payoff is well worth it. if he were at your table for breakfast, you'd ask how he likes his eggs, true?

    Letting a man shave/trim you is the very best compromise ever ever ever! For one thing, they have more practice and better tools for getting a smooth, clean shave. And obviously, they know what looks good on you! If he prefers you shaved/trimmed, put him to work, give him the lotion and such to keep you smooth afterwards, and just lay back and enjoy it! Trust me, they will look forward to this task!

    As for my preference, when I have been waxed bare, I am constantly aware of my down there as I am going through my day... it keeps me pretty aroused. But I don't think it looks right on my shape. Shaving bare down there is stubbly and prickly, gets razor bumps and looks bad, and it can be very uncomfortable.

    Keeping it trimmed with the sides waxed clean feels just right for me and looks right on me. I've had no complaints on that, I feel good about the way it looks, and it seems to be appetizing enough for most guys... except for the extremists on both sides of the bush debate.

  • if the guy like you, he shouldnt care to much if you look good in general, just keep it clean. mine is always trimed. I've shaved it once and I hated the look, plus its itchy. maybe ill try waxing but it hurts too much lol

    All I have to say its: do what works for you. If you have a partner and you 2 are getting serious, you can talk about it and ask him what he likes best and after that well you decide maybe you ll want to shave it sometimes to pleasure him or maybe he likes a bush loll I don't know its not a big deal, yu can always shave it if the guy REALLY HATE it you know...

    • I like you ; )

    • I still have not figured out the fetish for a woman shaving. It is prickly and it does itch like hell growing back in.................I say, suck it up, man up and love what the woman YOU love has between her legs in terms of hair today, gone thanks.

  • Shave.

  • my boyfriend does not care if it both but he like shaved. he tell me that it is your choice to do or not

  • I personally shaved.. like it that way

  • shaved for sure. :)

  • I shave, just because I dislike hair. Plus it's just nicer during sex, and hair tends to trap in icky things.

    • Never considered that aspect of it. Easier to "clean up" afterward. I stand corrected......and will reconsider my earlier position......................I have to read all of your responses and decide LOLOL

  • shaved!

  • Ask your boyfriend oi :P

  • Probably shaved or trimmed. I like it better that way for myself, makes me feel cleaner. But do what YOU want, not the guy

  • Generally speaking, statistically most guys do prefer a shaved or at least trimmed pubic area. I personally prefer shaved on both women and men. It is cleaner, more comfortable and makes for nicer sex, especially oral sex. I think it looks much nicer too.

    • Well, damn,,,,......."Lady Nike".........I can't go against the grain AND the TIGER.............I go with shaved..........My question is that it is not easy to do.....and maintain. I shaved my pubic area once and it DOES ITCH and it is PRICKLY........and once you have to "keep at it". A shaved pubic area does make a guys penis look larger......................but at what cost.....? I have to ask her.

  • The very first thing you need to learn hun is that, the things you do to YOUR BODY you do because you want too and not because of what some guy might think.

    No guy is going to walk away from you whether you have a p**** full of hair or shaved like a 4 year old.

    Do exactly what you want to do down there, and do not listen to what anyone else has to say.

    • I like your comment too, and the "Hun" part is OKAY are only 26 and not being motherly. I think I have to walk the "middle ground" on the subject


    • Why so many down arrows? she has a good point... oh wait I know... because she said, "listen, HUN" ... yeah, it kind of lends the wrong tone to the comment...

      i do agree with her though...