Other men seeing your girlfriend naked?

My boyfriend and I were talking about naked pics and he said he would not mind if other men saw a picture of me naked just as long as none of them could touch me. Do some guys get off on that knowing other men are thinking sexual thoughts about their g/f?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hell yes! It's kind of a variation on the whole trophy-girlfriend / trophy-wife thing. Guys are visual, and you know damn well that other guys are looking with envy at your "catch." It's taking pride when you know you've got a good-looking girlfriend and you want to show her off. Like, "Yeah look what I caught, you know you want it!" Guys definitely get off on knowing that they have what other guys want. Sharing her pictures is a way to make more guys want her. Even if guys don't know who she is, she's still desired.

    Add nudity into the mix, and it has echoes of, say, going out with a celebrity. There's a significant sexual thrill to know that other guys are literally getting off to pictures (or memories of pictures) of your lover, but at the same time you're the only one who's privileged to get the real deal. It's like your individual sexual desire is boosted by the combined (if somewhat frustrated) lust of all these other guys, so you see her through their lust-filled eyes too, and her sex appeal gets this big boost. "Everybody wants her and she's _mine!_ Bwahahaha!"

    We guys are so uncomplicated... :D