Other men seeing your girlfriend naked?

My boyfriend and I were talking about naked pics and he said he would not mind if other men saw a picture of me naked just as long as none of them could touch me. Do some guys get off on that knowing other men are thinking sexual thoughts about their g/f?


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  • Hell yes! It's kind of a variation on the whole trophy-girlfriend / trophy-wife thing. Guys are visual, and you know damn well that other guys are looking with envy at your "catch." It's taking pride when you know you've got a good-looking girlfriend and you want to show her off. Like, "Yeah look what I caught, you know you want it!" Guys definitely get off on knowing that they have what other guys want. Sharing her pictures is a way to make more guys want her. Even if guys don't know who she is, she's still desired.

    Add nudity into the mix, and it has echoes of, say, going out with a celebrity. There's a significant sexual thrill to know that other guys are literally getting off to pictures (or memories of pictures) of your lover, but at the same time you're the only one who's privileged to get the real deal. It's like your individual sexual desire is boosted by the combined (if somewhat frustrated) lust of all these other guys, so you see her through their lust-filled eyes too, and her sex appeal gets this big boost. "Everybody wants her and she's _mine!_ Bwahahaha!"

    We guys are so uncomplicated... :D


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  • I wouldn't get off on it, but we went to nude beaches where everyone did see everyone fully naked. A bit strange the first 15 minutes, but after that it's just not a problem. I'd never be jealous about other guys (or lesbians!) looking.

    • I didn't ever show her naked pictures to anybody, M/F

  • No - they "get off" by a variety of sexual acts including but not limited to:

    - Sex

    - HJ

    - BJ

    - Other misc kinky things

    - Masturbating


    Without the sarcasm - no, it's simply our way of saying:

    "I don't care if they look at the menu, but they better not order or enjoy the meal"

    Best regards,


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    • If she was okay with it, then yes. If she did not want to be looked at like an object of sexual attraction, then I would find it offensive and question the mans integrity; however, it would ultimately be her place to not send out the pictures in the first place.

    • " If she was okay with it, then yes."

      That's the point. She's the only one to have a copyright on her pictures

  • Maybe I'm in the minority here, but if I were in that situation, I'd not want anyone else looking at those pics. I'd not want to share, nor would I, pictures of a girlfriend as such. I'd consider those private and personal.

    Anything that she gave me like that, I'd never show anyone else. Even if we broke up, a bond of trust would be implied in sharing such things. I'd not break that. Even if she broke the trust bond first, I'd not. Not sure if that's just stupidity or what, but it's just me. :)

    So to answer your question, no, I wouldn't 'get off' to others seeing naked pictures of a girlfriend. Quite the opposite, I'd be highly displeased.

    • So your saying that you would feel a "negative emotion"; in the event that your woman was accidentally revealed. I understand about not offering the photos to friends, but what if your friend grabs your phone to add his number, then decides to go through your belongings.

      Personally, I would be p*ssed about him disrespecting the trust I had given him; however, him seeing the photos would be her place to be upset. No?

    • If someone did, I'd get my phone back in short order. I'm very protective of my belongings, and my friends respect me enough to not do such a thing.

      And well, duh, of course she'd be upset and she'd have a right to be. Since the question asked about the guys feelings/thoughts on their girlfriends pictures being shown, and since a girlfriend of mine wouldn't be a guy, I made no reference to her feelings. I'm not sure why you'd infer her feelings weren't important in the matter.

  • Im sure there's guys that like that after all there's guys that watch their wives with other men. I'm not saying he gets excited over it he probably just doesn't care if they saw you.

  • The answer is yes some guys do. To be honest I would never do this but I might not turn down the chance to see nude pics of some other guys wife even though if I was a better person I would lol. Its bragging in a way so you could take it as a compliment but you might also find it demeaning. This sounds like a bad idea to be honest but that's not your question. For me having a beautiful woman on my arm(wearing clothes) might make me feel pretty cool, I sorta would get a kick out of people knowing we were going out, honestly any girl she wouldn't have to be gorgeous. I might even avoid doing it around my really nerdy best friend as I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings. But that's not really sexual, that's about social status and being cool. Its very high school but plenty of men and women are trapped in high school mentality. If he wanted you to meet his friends and family to "show you off" that strikes me as more of a compliment as he is showing off your whole person. I would be flattered if a woman wanted to "show me off" but naked pics in this internet age. Something about this guy making other guys horny and frusturated seems sillily mean spirited and inviting trouble in this age of the internet. Its also really gonna turn you into a sex object and not a person in the eyes of his friends and even him. And what if they get in the hands of your or his family. Also how it makes him feel is one thing but this is your naked body. Do you really want these guys ejaculating all over pictures of you. I mean maybe one of them has had a wank to his image of clothed you already lol we can't be blamed for what goes on in our dreams, but you have to ask yourself do you want to encourage this sort of thing. If you do go for it have fun, from you asking I get the sense that you don't

  • I have to REVISE my earlier answer...about the naked pictures...I never did show any of the nude pictures to other men, but did show them to a few other women who were just curious about my GF. My Girlfriend would have been FURIOUS if she had known that. As far as the TEASING, that is what I was alright with, and whatever she wanted to "show" to another man was alright with me, to a point, and she understood. One time at a party playing 'strip poker' she took her slacks off but had panty hose and under wear on under. I am sure that drove the other men up the wall...That is the kind of thing I was referring to, not naked pictures.

    • You showed naked pictures of your girlfriend to other women? That isn't cool. It doesn't matter if they are women or not, those pictures are for you not for anyone else. I think you are violating trust with her and her right to privacy. It is different if she gives you permission or you guys are together, but to just do it to do it, not cool.

  • Of course they do. I really liked my Girlfriend to tease the heck out of other guys, and told her what they would do after they got home ! This was especially true at work, as I had a 'friend' at my workplace who was a big tease and I TOLD her that I liked it. We did not have intercourse but did play around some after work, but actually S#$%^&*$ would have taken away all of the mystery of her...We did that for a long time and we both had "Lovers" away from the workplace.

    I personally like it if both the "teaser' and the "teased" know the rules and the boundaries

    Great way to fire up your own relationship...my opinion only.

  • i wouldn't want other guys seeing my girl naked. but I like it when we would go out and she is lookin all sexy and watch the guys hit on her and shed go with it and get them all excited then just come up to me and go home with me and watch them get shut down. its great

  • Some guys get off on that. Personally I don't.

    I guess the rationale for some guys is they get to show off what they've got, as though the woman is some kind of possession. I find it disgusting. As long as I'm with her, her body is for my eyes only, as far as I'm concerned.

    • ". As long as I'm with her, her body is for my eyes only, as far as I'm concerned." that too is possessive: she's the only one who has a copyright on her image.

    • Hey, she has every right to feel that way, I won't tell her how to live.

      But if she does feel that way, and goes around exposing herself while we're dating,she won't be my girlfriend for long. I condemn the act, not the person.

  • There are many men that have different thoughts on this. Some enjoy watching their girl have sex with other men, some enjoy participating with a threesome with their girl, and other's perfer to have their girl all to themselves. This is where you all ( the girl) come into play. You have to be honest about your feelings on how your boyfriend thinks about your attraction. I myself confided in my girl that I'd always had a fantasy of being with two women at the same time. Okay what guy doesn't I guess. I was honest about it and found that she had for many years been curious as to what it would be like to be with another woman. What we found however was it was the fantasy...not the reality of the whole thing that we craved for. I would dare to say that this is what your boyfriend is feeling. Should it become an actual thing he'd have a problem with it and jealousy. We did have the second woman enter once and found that it just wasn't what we wanted. I'll keep her all to myself and she'll do the same. But we learned a great deal about each other and ourselves. Don't settle. Good Luck.

  • I would not find this arousing in the slightest. And just how exactly do these men get a hold of naked pictures in the first place?

  • Well... I'd be very protective of my girl, she'd be all MINE afterall. I wouldn't want anyone to see her other than me. And besides, I'd never ask her to send me naked photos either.

    I'm more about appreciating the person... not her body (although I still would want her to have a great body). But I'd want her to know that I was in it for the right reasons. I don't think that's very respectful either, to ask for sexual favors (pics or whatever).

    • Hey I respect you so much...u understand a girl^^

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    • I agree, obviously no girl has taken time to get to know you, you seem like a decent person, and very respectful!

    • Lol... That's kinda the truth actually... No girl really takes the time to get to know me. :(

  • I am not into that at all. I prefer to keep some things private and personal.

  • No problem as long as it's just looking and if she is fine with it.

  • If I had a girlfriend the only dude lookin at her would be me! Unless of course she's in playboy then I wouldn't care ha

  • No I wouldn't want anyone seeing that apart from me ofc

  • well I think ur guy is weird abt saying that he doesn't mind people watching ur naked pics...den he may not even mind people watching you having sex in a video...its disgusting to know that ur boyfriend doesn't respects u...

  • I would be furious if a guy did with pictures of my wife,...i mean we never sat down and singed some papers over it but is just implied our pictures are for each other not anyone else

  • That can be pretty cool and sexy knowing that other guys find your gf/wife hot. There's a lot of girls/wives with boyfriends/husbands that make really good money posing for nude pics where no one can touch them. I can't say that I'm into that but I'm not turned off by it either. For a girlfriend and her boyfriend to know how hot and sexy she is and that guys get off looking at her can be really hot and a great turn on for both of them.

  • Haha , I don't agree with that at all

  • It makes us feel like we caught the big fish so to speak, meaning all the other guys can sit and masturbate to it, while we can actually hit that.

  • Depends on the guy. I like when dudes check out my girl (in clothes of course) at a bar because I know I am taking her home. Some guys are just more comfortable and like to show off their prize.

    Personally, a naked girlfriend is just for me

  • I wouldn't want her pictures to be seen by anyone but me and her...

  • my ex stripped at a party we were at then fucked two guys right infront of me. i still get hard thinking about that

  • If anything he's showing you off. Different guy, different things I guess. I would beat any guy's ass for making sexual comments about any girl they know I like or am in a relationship with.

  • I think it would be hot knowing the other guys not gunna get it just me !

  • HELL NO!

    there is something wrong with ur bf...trust me!

  • As your relationship grows, you learn that your girlfriend/wife is with you because she wants to be with you. I learned that because my wife chose me, I didn't need to be jealous at all and, to me, my wife is a beautiful woman and so very sexy. I understand (as does she) that other men will look at her and think that too. For me, when other men think that, it definitely makes me feel good because she chose to be with me over everybody else. Of course, when she is naked, other men will definitely want her more and find her even more sexier. For that reason, I am fine with her naked body being seen by other men because they only get to see what I get to have.
    Now, before anybody gets upset at me for allowing other men to see my wife's naked body, be aware that she knows. We have gone to nude beaches together where others can plainly look at her right in front of me. I have taken sexy pics on my camera and have sat down with her and our friends and looked at them on the camera screen. She has even sent some of her sexy and/or nude pics to a few of our friends while I was sitting right next to her.
    The one thing about being seen nude by others is that my wife also feels more beautiful and sexy because she receives nothing but compliments. In general, people tend not to be disrespectful when you allow them to see this side of you. If you look at any submissions on the internet where women post nudes of themselves (such as reddit or any adult forums), the responses are usually full of praise. This can be great for helping boost a woman's self esteem.
    For us, other men seeing my wife naked only makes both of excited. As long as a couple is open and honest about it, it can be a fun thing to do.

  • I love the thought of other people masturbating over my gf's nude pics. I have a whole album online with people openly commenting on them, it sends me wild knowing that others want her but she's all mine. :P

  • It's very natural that a guy protective about his girlfriend! It's a emotional things about guys to protect their girlfriends from else.

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  • More than that some guys really get a kick out of watching there girlfriend or wife actually doing the deed with another guy. Makes letting them see pics not so bad.

  • Yes some do. My husband is one of them. He has posted pics of me, and had me post some myself. We have also done video chat that we both found very exciting.

    • My wife and I have done nude video chats - It is so HOT

  • From this post, you can clearly deduct that your boyfriend is not considering you as a long-term relationship prospect, and even if that isn't true, than ad least I can tell you he'll never take you seriously, and you'll never be happy in this alleged relationship in which you think you are.

    You're his for the most part so he can have someone that he considers greatly attractive on his arm, so he can make other guys jealous (obviously), and to boost his ego, which it seems is already quite engorged.

    I don't know what to tell you other than this; if you want a serious, monogamous, mutually respective relationship, than he's definitely NOT the guy you want to put your time, effort and trust into.

  • Your so lucky. A month ago I sent a picture of my t*ts to this kid so he would leave me alone because he had been bothering me for a week and my boyfriend wouldn't do anything. after I did it I cried to the kid to delete it and never talk about it again. he didn't send it to anybody but ended up telling my friends about it. word got out to my boyfriend and he broke up with me. I'm so f***ing ashamed you have no idea. I wish my boyfriend was like that sooo badly. this break up really hurts, he still loves me and I want him back more then anything.

  • My ex was like that in a kinky-ish, but not too bad way. Just because he said it was "ok" doesn't mean he's into it though...

  • Yes my husband wants to show pics of me naked and in bikinis to his work buddies. As long as I never have to see these people I'm ok with it lol he said it's like showing off his very own diamond ring 😊

  • Most guys would really be mad, and end up calling the girlfiends name and blaming the girlfriend because most men stick together. My opinion is that is not a good idea to show the guy friends picture of naked girlfriend. Bad and shame on you. Please find other magazines or p*rns to look at or go to church and never look any naked females again

  • My husband wants to see 2 guuys f*** me lol.. At first I didn't agree but now I want to do it just haven't found the guys.. But I guess guys feel good when other guys are thinking how good their girl looks and how they wish they had her

    • The "fantasy" always sound great, but when it actually coming to doing that, we both were not so sure of ourselves in going through with it. My girlfriend did meet with another guy, with my knowledge, and consent, and masturbated him to orgasm, simply because he had a very long penis, and it turned her on to think about it. He came to her house later, but they did not go through with the intercourse, because she wanted him to wear a condom, and he did not want to.

  • I don't know how many men do, but my boyfriend does. I don't see anything wrong with that because it flatters me knowing that other guys think I'm that hot and desirable. It actually adds spice to our relationship.

    • I agree, my boyfriend and all his friends consider it flattering when guys are attracted to their gfs.

  • I want to know this answer too! I just told my boyfriend a couple f months ago that I'm a dancer, and I thought he would freak out...but he loves it! haha

    • Wow I didn't expect so many "ups." You would find it hot if your girlfriend revealed this to you?

  • wow ur boyfriend is so cool. My boyfriend would go crazy if any other guys saw a pic of me naked.! or even if I wore tight cloth or short skirts.!

    spc if my boobes was showing lol.