How can I make him come back for more?

Alright! This is embarrassing for me but I should be proud of my talents. Anywho, I love to have sex( I mean c'mon who doesn't) and I love to try new things as well. I am told that I am excellent at oral sex, (not to get too personal but I am told that I am "tight" too)

but I feel that I can do more when it comes to intercourse. I like to make the guy happy and come back for more.

When I have sex I am usually on the bottom or have it from the back. (hell no forget the anal, I ain't down for that) I think that maybe I should be a little more creative with my sex. I am kinda seeing a guy who is freaky and I want to be a great sex partner not only in oral but in intercourse as well.

My question to you GUYS is what should I do or what can I do to make the sex great? Any ideas in positions?

My question to you GIRLS is what have you done that guys glorify in you? Any tips or creativity?