Guys/Girl- Do you like it when your girlfriend/boyfriend moans during sex?

I'm really loud during but my boyfriend doesn't say anything about it does he like or dislike it?

Guys- when a girl moans do you like it or dislike it ?and if you like it what do you like about it ?

Girls - When a guy moans during sex do you like or dislike it ? if you like it what do you like most about it ?


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  • Yes, I can't imagine sex without it. ;D

    But to be honest I didn't really moan a lot before during sex. I do it more often now just to make the other person feel like they're the best lay I've ever had. And most girls do get extra turned on when they hear the guy getting pleasure out of having sex with them. ^^


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  • It actually makes the vagina feel tighter somehow, although I realize that that has to be just my imagination.

  • I love it when my wife moans, and I don't say much during and we talk about it, its just a girl thing to moan. Guys can get jealous and want to moan too but its usually fake. Guys usually "oooh.." or "ah...".

  • when my girlfriend moans, it lets me know she's enjoying it, so I know I'm doing the right things in the right spots so I keep on going!

    Plus the sound of her moaning turns me on.

  • its diff stokes for diff folks I like when a girl moans because I know she is enjoying it but on the same note I'm quiet I concentrate on what I'm doing and on making sure the girl is loving it so I stay silent mainly so it doesn't bother me if the girl is quiet too

    • Thats cute lol

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    • Lmao if only you was older and closer lol and yea its great but we guys like that are rare

    • Lmfao :) I know so rare!

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  • my bf's pretty quiet, but he'll moan a little bit, and I like it, I know he's enjoying it. but I wouldn't want a guy that moaned a lot, I think guys moaning sounds gross.

    • A low-pitched moan (a guy's) sounds like he's having his teeth pulled or something.

  • I love it. If I don't hear him say anything (or groan, even if it's lightly) it emotionally feels like I'm having impersonal sex (that's not to say he does it a lot) that doesn't mean anything other than getting laid. The interaction takes things up a notch for me.

  • I like it when the guy I am having sex with makes some kind of noise. I have yet to be with someone who hasn't made any noise/spoken some kind of words during it. I like the feedback it makes me more turned on!

  • With my boyfriend he's more quiet, see I moan while having sex though with him ha I guess you could say at times like he um grunts...haha Its nice though, I wouldn't want him to moan a lot, but I do like it though.

  • yes I think its sexy