Is it possible for a girl to lose her virginity while horse back riding?

Is it possible for girls to lose there virginity (bleed) because of horse back riding?


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  • lol no. the hymen can be broken. but a woman can't lose her virginity horseback riding anymore than a man can haha


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  • No. Hymen doesn't equal virginity. Most girls have broken or stretched hymens by the time they actually have sex anyway. S.hit just happens. A girl could break or stretch her hymen while horseback riding, absolutely, along with being a gymnast, using tampons, masturbation, all kinds of things. But a broken hymen doesn't mean the girl isn't a virgin. If she's had intercourse, THEN she's not a virgin.

    Also, you say the only way to know for sure if a girl is a virgin is if she bleeds. That's completely false. Tons of girls don't bleed or feel pain the first time they have sex. I certainly didn't, and I had no sexual contact with guys at all before that. This is because at some point in their lives before they had intercourse, their hymen was stretched or broken for whatever reason. Nothing can take your virginity but another person. As in penetration, whether you're penetrating or the one being penetrated, blood or no blood. Losing one's virginity doesn't require bleeding, nor busting through a hymen, which would cause the bleeding.

    One could also argue something silly [and completely false] about men. Like that the only way to know a guy is a virgin is if he climaxes within the first few thrusts during sex. Sure, that's super common when a guy has sex for the first time because he's never felt that before. But plenty of guys who have been having sex for years still climax super fast, and that doesn't mean they're virgins. A guy who has NEVER had sex might last a good half hour his first time, but that doesn't make him less of a virgin. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? A first is a first.

  • is it possible to break their hymen, resulting in bleeding...yes

    is it possible to lose their virginity from horseback well I guess you could, but not by how I believe you're talking about it...

    (don't mean to be a smart ass if that's what it seems.)

    • Haha and I did not mean to state that after it has already been said a couple times.

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    • Thanks for the informative lecture. FYI I am a GUY.

      I was Just curious

    • And penetration is not the only way to break the hymen...things as simple as exercising can break yeah...whether they bleed or not is not a way to determine if they were a virgin... much like cun7n1nja stated.

  • No. "Virginity" has nothing to do with the state of a woman's hymen. The word "virgin" (originally "virgo") is a very old word that just means someone who has had sex with another (willing or not).

  • It might be possible for a girl to break her hymen from horseback riding but it is not possible for her to loose her virginity. The hymen can break due to many reasons. Although it may be difficult to break your hymen through horseback riding I am sure that it is possible. Virginity is not lost until actual penis in vagina penetration.

  • How old are you? 18-24, really?

    • I just turned 18 a few days ago

  • a woman can break her hymen while horseback riding but losing her virginity requires a penis...


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  • yes it is possible,women can break their hymen even riding bicycle,don't worry too much because the chances aren't too much but even if the hymen broke up it won't be completely broken,so you still had a chance,anyway,be careful

    • What do you mean you still have a chance?

    • What I mean by still have a chance is that a guy will only believe you're a virgin if you bleed,and if the hymen is broken you won't ,you won't lose your virginity if if your hymen is broken but even tough he won't believe you.

  • How would they lose the virginity if there on the back of a horse with there clothes on?

    • They bleed

    • So? You can bleed after drinking un-purifide water doesn't mean its possible to lose your virginity to water.