Guys or girls, what does this mean?

So I was talking to my boyfriend and he was like "tap out or be knocked out" I have no idea what that means. Then he was like do you think I could make you tap out. What does that mean? Please help me!


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  • my boyfriend does this to me. and he does mean it in a sexual way.

    he doesn't mean hurt me to make me tap out, usually he will pin me down and we will wrestle and that turns us on, and we end up having sex.

    hes a lot stronger. so just pinning me down to where I can't move will make me tap out. its not a bad thing.

    in my opinion its hot.


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  • I think that's a reference to the UFC fighting thing, meaning he wants to put you in a choke hold until you pass out. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, please. If you’re not into being choked, you may want to have a talk with him.

    • He said he meant It in a sexual way though?

  • And this had to do with sex? Maybe he has a choking fetish.

    • SEX Not a choke hold Penetration so serious that she begs for mercy. He can beg for it too though.

  • Its a term used by all these idiots who think that Mixed Martial Arts fighting is going to magically make them into bad-asses. My neighbor has all of the loser stickers on his truck windows and has a big tractor tire he hauls out of the garage to beat up in his drive way. There are a million guys between the age of 14 and 23 who think they will be good at this.

    It sounds to me like your boyfriend has no clue how to talk to girls. It could be because he is 1. shy and reverts back to what he knows OR 2. an idiot.

    • SEX Not wrestling. It's a game of mercy while having sex. It works both ways. She can make you "tap out" too.

  • He either wants to:

    1. Put you into an armbar or perhaps a rear naked choke inside of the octagon.

    2. Have sex with you really hard.

  • Its a UFC reference, probably being used in a sexual way.

  • thats the terms they use in Professional UFC fighting: competitors try to to either knock their opponent out or get their opponent to "Tap Out" meaning they make a tapping gesture with their hands to the referreee that they give up and to stop the fight. Tapping out happens when a guy gets put into a submission hold or a smothering like hold and they have to give up or they'll have their joints dislocated. With you boyfriend I'm not sure if he's using it in a sexual context.. meaning he could be so rough with you you would have to "tap out".. or same as "crying uncle".

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  • Sounds weird and cheesy.

  • here's a novel thought...ask him. I think he's saying he wants to have rough sex with you tho...just ask, ime sure he won't be too shy about telling u