Honestly, do girls taste good down there?

I was wondering from a guys opinion does a girls vagina actually taste good.

what does it taste like?

give details


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  • Not sure where "sweet' came from with your other answer. Chemically, the vagina would normally be acedic and would not have an "odor' or taste. I have had oral sex with many women and if she has an infection, that would cause her to have a foul odor and her vaginal discharge would be alkaline.

    To answer your question directly, if she is healthy and does not have any kind of infection and prictices good hygene, she would have a 'taste' that I would describe as "neutral".

    Have your boyfriend perform cunnelingus on you and then have him kiss you in the mouth...and you decide. If okay for him to lick there, it should be alright for you to kiss him open mouthed.

    What taste ?


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  • Sometimes a little sweet, sometimes salty. But nothing at all like food! It is however delicious, definitely something I'd happily have on my taste buds every day :-)

  • I find the taste to be a turn-on. Different girls taste differently. I wouldn't describe the taste as being very strong, but there's usually a hint of sweetness.

  • No they don't. I still go down there quite frequently though... The girls are pretty wet before I do that, so it could be just the fluid that tastes kinda iffy.

  • I find all women taste different, but similar. Mostly tangy, from the acidity, but a bit sweet. As far as scent it should be mild, but there is a subtle hint of "womanhood". It is attractive and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Girls, try licking the inside of your elbow, its the next closest thing. When women eat lots of Strawberries I find they taste even better!

    I love woman!

  • it depends if she washes regularly .. a lot of guys are actually turned on by the smell of it provided it doesn't smell bad ;p .. as for taste.. every girl is different ..hmm sweet and sour for example I guess.. and also her come sometimes tastes like something.. and sometimes nothing.. I think it's due to what she eats.

  • some girls I've been with have a hint of sweetness but there's also a little saltiness I guess but it doesn't bother me...i love going down on girls and playing around with her pussy

  • Tastes kind of sweet but my girl likes fruit and I think what you eat makes a difference in taste

    • Love tasting vaginal discharge in girls panties, its often sweet tasting. I also love women who taste their own vaginal discharge in their sticky panties to see what it tastes like or for the girls who like to taste it in their panties when they are masturbating,etc

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