Can you get pregnant from swallowing?

if you give a guy a BJ then swallow, can you get pregnant?


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  • Oh honey. First, if it an honest question, you are much too young, and too uneducated sexually to be preforming oral sex. Second, even if semen could enter your womb through your stomach, the acid in your stomach would destroy all traces of potency. Third, really honestly contemplate your knowledge on this subject, and don't do anything before you are both ready and prepared (As in think about taking steps to prevent pregnancy before you start having sex) What -some- people have said is false. You can't just get pregnant by having a man ejaculate inside of you. (One sperm can be enough to get you pregnant, even pre-cum is enough!) For example, if there is pre-cum (or sperm) on his hands, and he then masturbates you, you can also become pregnant that way( Even if you are a virgin! This is a huge misconception, the hymen is a layer of tissue, but it does not filter out sperm). Sperm is live (potent) in the vagina for about six hours, however if it collects within the cervix, anywhere from between 3 and 7 days.

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  • No.

  • this is going to be on failblog

  • That will happen the same day a watermelon plant grows inside you from swallowing seeds. Nuff said ?

  • at your definitely think a "BJ" stands for BJ's Wholesale Club. In other words...if you have no idea what's going on, your too young to involve yourself with such sexual things.

  • Don't let him touch you or else you'll get pregnant~!..hehe...JKJKJKNo you will not get pregnant from swallowing.

  • Your obviously too young to be giving BJs if that's a serious question.

  • Lol.

  • no. other guy isn't exactly right as you don't actually have to have intercourse, semen just needs to enter your vagina. the come won't travel to your vagina if you swallow it

  • NO! You can only get pregnant through intercourse. ( penis goes into the vagina, guy ejaculates, no protection, that's how you get prego)

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  • Are you for real? NO.UNLESSYou are that one lady who got stabbed by her ex a dozen times after she'd swallowed some, and it leaked down and got her pregnant. Then I suppose you could.

  • Lol, amazing...

  • if you honestly are are asking that, then you are way to young to be giving "BJ's" no you cant.

  • Lol .. no .. don't worry abt it !

  • No- your stomach is too acidic for the sperm to survive.

  • hee heee... yup! its a possibility- that's how I got all my kids.

    • Sorry...wasn't meant to be. just couldn'r resist lol

    • LOL .. that's mean :P