How do you want a girl to lick your balls?

Does ball sucking have to be very gentle all of the time? Can a girl get a little rough? Are the balls to oversensitive for a little roughness?


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  • It depends. Sometimes a little LITTLE bit of pain is actually enjoyable. I like when a girl sort of slurps up one or even both of my balls in her mouth, some guys will like that some won't. Licking the scrotum(ballsack lol) is also nice. The scrotum got lines on it almost like it is a burlap sack maybe trace along them with your tongue. Something the girl I lost my virginity did that I will never forget. We were having sex and I was doing her from behind and she reached back and cupped my balls in her hands. There was something very sort of romantic about it. All I can say is me and I think most guys like for a girl to pays some attention to our balls and not ignore them or be grossed out by them. They do look weird even we think so.

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  • I wouldn't want a girl to be very rough with my balls, because it is pretty easy to hurt them. I do like having them licked and sucked, but they are very sensitive, so it really doesn't take a lot of pressure for it to feel great.

  • I just love getting my balls licked and sucked

  • My balls are very strong & I love balls squeezing, pulling, kicking & punching. trust me its true, i enjoyed it too much. I like ball pulling, I enjoy it if any girl pull my ball like cow milking :)

  • As a guy who absolutely LOVES this activity from a woman, I would say the best technique for me is if she mixes it up. If she just lets go of inhibition and gets playful with them, she can't go wrong. Suck a ball into her mouth, pull it gently, let it pop out; start batting her tongue gently back and forth on them; playfully lick underneath them; suddenly try sucking both into her mouth; let them pop out again and then start doing long licks up and down to let them raise and drop; back and forth between rough and tickling gentleness. If she keeps this up I will go crazy, start writhing, and be ready to do anything for her.

    That said; I'd guess that that's just me and every guy's different.

  • Abosuelty! Under neath the balls is the best... But I make it clean for my girl. Ie: shave my balls and trim the pubes.

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