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Shower or grower?

Are you a shower or grower. I got to see my BF's from the start. it was so little. it goes from like 2 inches to 6 inches. its crazy . I loved... Show More

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  • Stats on the subject, say that, for the most part, the average flacid penis is about as you described...around 2 - 2 1/2 inches and they erect to about 6 inches or maybe to 7 inches if the guy is lucky. From that you might infer that the average penis erects to about 2 to 3 times its flacid size. I am a 'grower' ...

    How is the survey coming ...?

    • Its interesting

What Guys Said 14

  • For whatever reason, I'mglad I got the Best Answer !

  • Never heard it like that but I'm a grower as well.

  • mine grows from 2 to 6!

    and why the hell is that answer the best?

    • i don't know how that one got picked... lol. I think it was by accident.

    • yea m sure it must b a fatal accident...why any1 would choose such boring answer as best otherwise?

  • I am a GROWER.

  • And here is an example of a grower: link

  • I'm a grower mine goes from 2 to 7. Most girls are usually surprised because I'm a short guy only 5'5.

  • about 5 flaccid and 8.25 hard, remains the same thickness when flaccid and when hard. 6 inches around.

  • 3.5" - 7". That grower? lol

  • I'm a grower, thank god. I know some will say it's the motion of the ocean, but that does nobody any good who is working with a mud puddle compared to an ocean. o.O

    • Not that it's dirty or anything o.O That was just the smallest 'body of water' that came to mind...I'm gonna get myself in trouble not thinking things through one of these days.=\

    • Haha yeah

  • I think this is what you mean by the difference between a 'grower' and a shower, This is a Shower" link and you will see what the diffeence is.

  • 2 inches to 4.5. So I guess grower, but it certainly doesn't grow as well as it should.

  • im a grower

  • grower..it looks pretty pathetic small :(

    but when its hard I can do the damn thang

    • Yeah its crazy! haha

What Girls Said 1

  • my ex was definitely a shower but my current guy is a grower lol

    • Haha

    • Why did she get a thumbs down for this lol

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