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Why does my boyfriend come so fast?

I've been seeing someone for the past 3 months now, were in a relationship but we were having casual sex before we got together! I love sex, I'm... Show More

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  • It could be something real simple, like he is not very experienced and is shooting very quick because he is excited. Possibly he is not in great physical shape. During a time I was rehabing and leg injury my conditioning was less and I finished quicker. As I got back into shape by lasting power was greater.

What Guys Said 7

  • Durex makes an excellent, lubricant/ desentacizing gel, that may just be the ticket for him. Not unusual for a man, 26, to ejaculate that quick. Practice makes perfect...one more thing, very few women can orgasm, just from the thrusting of the penis. More to it than that. Try the gel, plus having him manipulate your clitoris while thrusting (rear entry) and see if that helps.

  • well its 6 month since you ask your question,and how your boyfriend now?if I can give an advice do kegel exercise its really work,and do an edging technique(find it at wikipedia if you don't know)during sex,and than if he come fast at the first round you can ask for the 2,3or4 round right?they didn't have stamina for it?then exercise at gym, run at track,and do sit up is help to erect harder,and high protein diet also help it that why man with great body looks they are better at bad,(you should proud of yourself maybe they are really attracted to you that's why they come fast)

  • jeeez, you must be reallllllly hot ;) haha

  • I'm guessing he's got a problem.

  • Either you're the best lay in the world, or he's got a wee problem.

  • get different condoms

What Girls Said 1

  • 5 mins is too premature. Girls never get orgasms in first 10 mins. Real intercourse start only after 10 mins of continuous thrusting. When penis thrusts continuously for 10 mins girls start getting orgasms, p**** muscles contracts increasing grip on penis; here onwards the real sex starts. Girls do squirt with circumcised males.

    • They don't with uncircumcised guys?

    • I can make my women orgasm in less than a minute of thrusting and I'm uncircumcised! I must just be special in the bed area I guess

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