How do I know if my boyfriend is using me for money?

what are some tell tail signs? I know he doesn't have a job right now but it's hard on me to pay for half the date when it's so early in the relationship. please help.


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  • If he doesn't offer to pay for anything, doesn't bother looking for a job, or asks you for money..

    Then there is a good chance he may be taking advantage of you.


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  • t's harder to tell if this is your problem. If he is making less money than you are, he could be very sensitive about the topic. If you are buying him large gifts and he is buying you smaller ones, perhaps he just can't afford it. Stop buying him things and paying for him and see how the relationship changes.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

  • How is he using you for money if you're only paying for your half?

    • You know what.. This dude is right.

      If he's paying for half the date.. How the hell does that show he's using you? lol

    • No I have to pay for his gas...idk


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  • So are you expecting him to always pay for the dates? I am not someone who thinks that guys should always be the one paying when they take a girl or their girl out... if you are a couple learn how to share the bill... a lot of girls I have met believe the guy should be the one paying. I don't necessarily think they always have to... I would be OK paying either the entire meal bill or split on what we will be doing like he pays dinner and I pay movies something like that... sometimes I would even offer with no problem... though if he is trying to date me I would like him to pay because that would tell me he is interested...Anyways, I don't think he is taking advantage of you unless he ask you to pay for everything all the time...

  • Ok I don't mean to sound mean but if he had a job are you saying that he should pay for all the dates? If so that's a little selfish. As long as you aren't paying for all the dates and he his trying to take you out when he can its just because he working with the resources that he has. Plus if you are the one making the suggestion to go out then why should he pay. Like the guy said though reduce what you pay for or do free dates ( movie at home with microwave popcorn), if he starts avoiding you or tries to get you to pay for something more extravagant then perhaps he is.

  • Why are you even paying for the dates early in the relationship? If he is interested in you, then he should be taking you on dates, not the other way around. If he honestly cannot find a job, then invite him on a date going roller bladding or watching movies at someone's house. If he does not at least offer to pay; if you have to bring it up-then he is a scrub.

    • Yea you shouldn't have to pay for his gas-that's BS