Why can't I get hard for the girl I like?

When I'm grinding or making out with her I only get semi. I used to get raging boners a couple of months ago, but I can't. I really do find this girl sexually attractive and she's hot, but I'm also really emotionally attached to her since I've gotten to know her better. I always wished to not get a boner when I was around her cause I thought that was embarrassing and I thought I would never last long in sex, but now I wished I had one when the right moment came. What the f*** is wrong with me? And would this girl be frustrated that I can't get a full one from her?


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  • Awww hunni there is absolutely nothing wrong with you! Sometimes it just happens and it can occur for many reasons like if you have jrked off earlier or the night before you sometimes can't or if you are really nervous it can contribute to how hard you get. If you and this girl are close and she's a goood person she will definately understand that this is something you can't control and tell her if she can do anything to help she should be understanding and you might get some extra treatment out of it ;) just remember to relax and not be nervous :)

    you'll be fine !


What Guys Said 1

  • I had this problem once. It's really just a mental thing, you're worrying about it so it becoming a problem. The girl may or may not see it as a problem, depends on the person... try different types of stimuli, get her to play with you, play with her. And it's amazing how much just telling yourself that it won't be a problem helps.