How easy is it for a guy to get turned on?

When my boyfriend and I are cuddling, one of his hands is around me and the other is on my stomach. His hand eventually starts moving up and down my body, and his breathing changes.


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  • super easy I mean us guys can get turned on at any time over anything especially someone we're are attracted to. usually any type of contact from someone else aka you will give us a boner. for example just making out most guys will get a boner sum times even just holding hands or sitting in his lap will turn him on.just being able to touch your body in his mind is a turn on and very physically sexy so yes we can get turned one very easily especially during our teens and twentys. many guys deny getting a boner just from grinding but trush is every guys gets hard unless there's a major turnoff that he's thinking about. hope this helps

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      He does like me sitting on his lap, lol!

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      Haha wel now you know