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Do girls like 69 or do they prefer to give each other oral separately?

I have had some women say that they prefer to give a man oral separately. They find that if they are doing 69 that they cannot concentrate on the... Show More

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  • For me I find 69 very uncomfortable. If I am in position to do my thing to him, he is straining to get his mouth in my honey pot, and if he is right on target I can't get his thing in my mouth. Besides that I love the feeling of a good tongue job and how can you concentrate on this if you are trying to entertain the guy at the same time. That works both ways.

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  • I prefer it separately. Too much going on otherwise.

  • 69 is one of those things you do occasionally to be wild and different but generally...I prefer separate so I can concentrate on giving or concentrate on receiving

  • i prefer to give oral separately.

  • I usually bite down if he does it right, so it's kind of dangerous and hard for me to do a good job.

    • Oh god ;D - Ummm this is where I'd prefer not getting head... haha

  • I used to not care for 69 but I've come around to liking it more. I think that position feels the best to me. But it is extremely uncomfortable and I can only do it for so long. I do tend to get distracted while doing it but I think me moaning while sucking on him makes up for it lol. But I will always prefer to just give him head separately.

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