How bad does it hurt when a guy gets hard but then nothing else happens?

Like we didn't have sex. I led him on.. but he said its gonna hurt a little then go away :(

How bad does it hurt?


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  • It does not hurt at all.


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  • If nothing happens then the penis will allow blood to leave it and it will slowly deflate. It's not painful at all. It's mostly just the pain of disappointment. Like your boyfriend told you all about this romantic cruise you two were going to take and built it up and then at the last moment when you were all packed to go he just called you and told you he was dumping you.

  • it hurts quite a bit. especially if you have done it to him multiple times in the last few days. however it is nothing he can't fix with a little bit of personal time with his member, although not nearly as enjoyable if you had finished it for him

  • Well depends did he get blue balls?

    or was it pain from being so hard?

  • you teasing bitch

  • Real Bad! =[

    • Really? like what kind of pain?

      for how long?

    • Burning sensation like an hr or less. =[

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  • The whole "blue balls" phenomenon is mostly just an urban legend that guys use to manipulate girls into getting them off. If it did hurt, and it probably didn't, I doubt it hurt very much at all.

    • He was the one who didn't wanna do it and said we should wait because that's what I wanted originally. he was really sweet and gentleman like, so I believe it

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    • I have a d*** and have had countless erections without release, yet have never experienced this apparently very common pain.

    • Blue balls is real it hurts like hell till you get off

  • It's a huge pain to his ego, but not to his penis.